Cricket’s oldest rivalry is a feast for sports fans across the world. This legendary Test has thrilled and excited cricket devotees for almost 135 years, producing countless memories, heroes and even a few villains.

Alternating between home grounds in the UK and those in Australia, the England team has experienced spectacular highs and crushing lows. The 2015 Ashes saw our lads swing to victory at home: a confidence boost that has new England captain, Joe Root, determined to hold onto the urn in Australia come November.

The 2017-2018 Ashes Series promises to be an unmissable Test, but the match itself isn’t the only thing the team here is looking forward to. Australia cruises mean three things: incredible landscapes, endless sunshine and complete relaxation. Add cricket into the mix, and you have a match made in luxury cruising heaven. But is watching your favourite sporting event across the pond really worth the journey?

Home or away: let’s see who comes out on top!

The scenery: Away

A rainbow across the Blue Mountains in Australia

Our green and pleasant land is undeniably beautiful, but the beaches, vast outback and diverse landscapes of Australia are really something else.

Imagine swimming in the azure blue waters of Perth’s Cottesloe Beach, or admiring the stunning view from the top of Mount William in Victoria. And that is just the tip of sand dune. Between matches you could also explore the rainforest of the Blue Mountains, explore the Gold Coast and meet the local wildlife on Kangaroo Island. We’d say that beats a quick walk in UK woods any day!

The weather: Away

A sun-soaked beach during a cruise to Australia

We Brits love talking about the weather, but it is little surprise when the threat of rain is never too far away.

The famously sunny shores of Australia are, undoubtedly, their main draw for fans of Ashes cricket. Taking place during the Australian summer, this year’s Test will be soaked in heavenly sunshine, with only a mild threat of the odd rain shower on the horizon. That means “Goodbye” umbrellas and emergency rain coats, and “Hello!” shorts, ice-cold drinks and some much-needed Vitamin D.

The food: Home

Plate of freshly-baked cakes for Cricket Tea

That might be two points for the ‘away’ side, but could the UK be about to bring it ‘home’?

Australia may have lost its reputation for throwing shrimps on barbies and gained one for creating fresh and ‘clean’ food, but come on: you can’t beat a traditional portion of Great British fish and chips.

Yes, the Australians have adopted our National Dish, but it just isn’t the same. Plus, on British shores you can also tuck into a real Sunday roast, pie and peas and, of course, the Cricket Tea, a feast of fresh sandwiches, fluffy cakes, delicious scones, fruit squash and copious amounts of tea.

The activities: Away

Piles of grapes in an Australian vineyard

This is a clear win for the Aussies. From surfing at Bondi Beach and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, to climbing the heights of Sydney Harbour Bridge, we could fill this whole blog with the activities you can experience in Australia.

Here some highlights:

  • A hot air balloon ride and champagne breakfast over Yarra Valley.
  • An Adelaide city tour and river cruise taking in the picturesque food and wine capital.
  • Tree-top walking through the canopy of the Valley of the Giants.
  • Wine tasting in the breath-taking Margaret River region.
  • A New Year’s Eve helicopter ride over Sydney as the sun sets.

The relaxation: Away

Abstract beach visited during Australia cruises

One of the beach capitals of the world, Australia is a clear winner when it comes to relaxation. There is nothing like stretching out on the sand after taking in an Ashes match, with birds singing in the background and waves hushing against the shore. In fact, the Australian lifestyle is so laid back that you’ll feel like a new traveller just by strolling along the sea front.

The adverts are right: there is only one Australia. And in our opinion, there is only one Ashes winner. Can Joe Root hold onto the fabled urn come November? We have no doubt!

Would you like to experience the 2017-2018 Ashes Series in imitable style? Sail to the sun-drenched shores of Australia on an Ashes cruise with Six Star Cruises.

With an itinerary for each host city, there is plenty of choice for cricket fans who are craving an Australian escape. Call our Cruise Concierge on 0207 980 2848, and our expert team will match you to your perfect voyage.

Charlotte Varela

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