Luxury cruising isn’t usually about being flashy – far from it. However, if you want to live the champagne lifestyle for a week or two, here are some of the cruise lines most luxurious facilities where you can really push the boat out.

Ride in a submarine

crystal esprit submarine

Fancy scuba diving without getting wet? Now you can, with the new three-person submarine which is part of the yacht-sized ship, Crystal Esprit. This new 62-person boutique yacht is the first vessel to launch as part of Crystal Cruises’ new venture – Crystal Yacht Cruises.

Contained within the ship, the two-passenger submarine features a 360-degree Plexiglas hull. It can dive to depths of 1,000 feet, offering panoramic views of the ocean wildlife. One of the few activities that are not included on board Crystal Esprit, a 30-minute session in the submersible costs around $600 per person.

Get married (underwater)


As if getting married at sea wasn’t fancy enough, you can now get married under the sea, inside the aforementioned Crystal Esprit submarine!

With just enough space for the bride and groom, as well as the pilot, who will also conduct the ceremony, and metres of deep blue ocean between the happy couple and any bystanders, the submarine offers a venue for the most private of weddings.

Enjoy caviar in the surf

Caviar in the surf

According to luxury cruise line Seabourn, Champagne, caviar and lobster are three things that no passenger should go without. On their signature beach event, Caviar in the Surf, you can enjoy all three. Seabourn officers stand waist-deep in the sea, serving up all the caviar you can eat off a surfboard. There’s also free-flowing Champagne served in plastic glasses. You can enjoy this activity for free during all warm-weather itineraries.

Enjoy 24-hour private butler service

Silversea butler

Many cruises offer a private butler service for guests staying in the top suites. However, travel with Silversea and you’ll enjoy butler service no matter what suite you choose. After a day of sightseeing, you’ll return to find your shoes and sunglasses polished amongst other nice little touches.

Need something in the small hours? No problem. Passengers can call one of the 24-hour on-call butlers, who will be happy to attend to their every whim. As well as arranging in-suite dining or planning shore excursions, the butlers will even offer to pack or unpack guests’ bags.

Taste the creations of celebrity chefs

Jacques Pepin

Celebrity chefs have increasingly become involved in cruising – designing menus, making guest appearances or lending their names to the finest on-board restaurants.

Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa is a world-famous sushi chef, with an empire of Nobu restaurants across the world. You’ll also find his restaurants on board Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity, with dining included in the cruise fare.

Another celebrity chef to join the cruise industry is French-born Jacques Pepin, who, in addition to hosting multiple cooking shows on TV, holds the title of Oceania Cruises master chef.

Dine off Versace plates

Versace plate

Did you know that Versace designed plates? No, neither did we. Until we discovered that they feature in the main restaurant on board Regent Seven Seas Explorer.

Hailed as the ‘most luxurious ship in the world’, the main focal point of the restaurant isn’t the plates, it’s the hand-blown Murano glass ceiling. And the world-class food, of course.

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If you’re still debating which cruise ship has the most luxurious facilities to enjoy on-board, call our Cruise Concierge team on 0808 202 6105 for award-winning assistance and knowledge on which cruise line better suits your needs.

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