Luxury cruising is a type of cruising like no other. The standard and service throughout the entire duration is impeccable, even grander than some of the highest rated hotels. For many seasoned travellers, the height of luxury is staying in some of the world’s most renowned hotels, with their extravagant décor and 5* service. However, ultra-luxury cruising offers an unrivalled experience. Take the 5* service you would expect to receive in such hotels and envisage even more. Combined with the level of personalised services and amenities you receive on a luxury cruise you will be basking in 6*service, a level of opulence that comes as standard whilst taking in the destinations of your holiday.

Concierge Service

SixStarCruises offer a beginning-to-end concierge service. Our specialist concierge team are experts in all aspects of luxury cruising, with a combined experience of over 100 years, we specialise in tailoring your ideal luxury cruise holiday to your needs. Your dedicated expert cruise concierge will support you with everything from your booking through to returning home from your cruise.

You can also plan a number of luxury cruise activities with the help of your cruise concierge – whether you are looking to book immersive excursions or plan spa experiences on board, we can help you choose the best cruise line for your specific on-board needs.

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The Highest Quality Personal Service


On our selection of premium luxury and ultra luxury cruises you will find a higher staff-to-guest ratio, with many having a near 1:1 staff member per guest ratio. This means you will never have to lift a finger; there will always be someone on hand to bring you desired food and beverages, help shop for any items you may wish to purchase or simply help you plan an excursion and get the most out of your luxury cruise experience.

This level of guest service does not end on the ship; you will find the same personalised service on your shore excursions with smaller trips to landmarks, and private tours to off-the-beaten-track locations.

With cruise lines such as Seabourn, you will experience the intimate feel of yacht sailing. With every highly trained crew member making it their goal to not only know you by name but also learn your individual preferences in order to ensure you have the most unforgettable experience on-board.

Once in a Lifetime Experiences


An expedition cruise can allow you to curate your own exclusive experiences that allow you to encounter some of the most fulfilling adventures you may otherwise miss holidaying on land. Whether you choose an ocean or expedition cruise it opens up a world of possibilities from visiting some of the hidden gems of the Caribbean to experiencing the Moai of Easter Island or getting up close and personal with the wildlife of the Galapagos.

The beauty of a luxury cruise is that the vessels are much smaller in size than other mainstream cruises, allowing them to venture into smaller, obscure ports that are otherwise impossible to visit. This allows passengers the chance to experience remote locations and undergo adventures like never before.

Luxury cruises on our collection of smaller vessels open a whole new world of remote and otherwise inaccessible destinations. While on-board you will enjoy visiting these remote destinations, immersing themselves in cultural experiences whilst shortening your bucket list.

Gourmet Dining

Gourmet dining on your cruise is the standard when sailing on a luxury cruise. On-board some of the most exclusive cruise ships you can experience delicacies from a selection of the world’s most renowned chefs providing the ultimate dining experience. Luxury cruise dining is part of any truly luxurious cruise. On-board some cruise lines such as Silversea, Seabourn and Oceania Cruises you will experience some of the most delightful and diverse cuisine dependant on the port being visited influencing dining choices for specific days of the itinerary due to food being fresh and locally sourced.

On-board Oceania Cruises you will have the delight of experiencing the cooking of French chef Jacques Pepin, who currently holds the title of master chef and culinary director of Oceania Cruises.

You have an abundance of choice when it comes to gourmet dining on your cruise – whatever cuisine speaks to you, you will find it on-board. The dining experience can be elevated further with cooking masterclasses for you to participate in on-board, under the close guidance of on-board chefs.


The biggest benefit of a luxury cruise is that everything is included; amenities such as beverages, dining and even gratuities are included in the price of your cruise. Often certain cruise lines offer additional amenities such as Regent Seven Seas Cruises who offer unlimited shore excursions, so you therefore do not have to consider excursions at any additional cost.

It is clear to see how a luxury cruise experience exceeds a land holiday in so many respects – not only can you stay within extravagant suites that surpass 5* hotels standard of luxury, but the personalised service and once in lifetime experiences create a luxury cruise experience that is unparalleled when it comes to a holiday on land.

If you would like to view all cruise lines itineraries available or are intrigued to find out more about luxury amenities on your sailing, you can contact our specialist cruise concierge to organise a consultation by calling 0808 278 4192.

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