Where shall I cruise in 2018?

Along with the new year, 2018 brings with it a whole new host of destinations to explore. As the winter settles and spring begins to beckon us forward, here are the top 2018 cruise destinations to add to your bucket-list.


Idyllic island in Galapagos

Release your inner explorer and follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin as you discover the shores of the Galapagos and its remote paradise islands. The Galapagos is home to mesmerising marine habitats alongside fascinating flora and fauna in one of the world’s best wildlife-watching destinations.

See the Galapagos tortoise, marine iguana and Darwin’s finches, each wandering this microcosmic world transforming the land into a living science museum.

Polar Regions

Penguin in the Polar Regions

Waddling penguin colonies, basking elephant seals and immense fjords – all framed by your balcony window as you gaze upon the Polar Regions from your luxurious stateroom. As expedition cruises grow in popularity, the extreme north and south areas can now be explored as never before.

Slice through the ice with the reinforced hulls typically included on expedition cruise ships and grace the icy waters of Antarctica, where you can take excursions by Zodiac to learn of the culture, ride a dog sled and mingle with the wildlife up-close. Alternatively, see the wildlife of the Arctic forage and frolic across the expansive landscape – from prowling polar bears to roaming reindeer.

South Pacific

Tahiti - a popular cruise destination in the South Pacific

The very image of paradise, the South Pacific is rich in endless beaches, ancient cultures and hidden blue lagoons. With an area larger than 10,000 square kilometres, the South Pacific is the epitome of paradise cruise holiday destinations.

Highlights include Caledonia’s Lifou – where locals dance, drum and don traditional costumes – or even the energetic island of Tahiti, where mountainous treks lead to a nature-lover’s nirvana.


Northern Lights in Alaska - a popular highlight on cruises to Alaska

Top of many cruise destination bucket-lists, Alaska is the epitome of stripped-back terrain and expansive wilderness. The stark white landscape is home to bears, caribou and Dall sheep, and the magic of the northern lights dancing across the skies will make you feel as though you have stepped into a dream.

Watch as whales breach and bald eagles soar, adventuring through diverse habitats and answering to the call of the wild, pure and unforgiving.


Picturesque rice fields in Asia

One of the most up-coming luxury cruise destinations of the last few years, Asia is a perfect combination of cosmopolitan cityscapes, exotic ecosystems and historical highlights. Follow the Great Wall of China to the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, or sail to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia before heading to the characteristic city-state of Singapore.

With Michelin stars and floating fish farms, cherry blossoms and gleaming skyscrapers, Asia is a continent to watch for 2018. Complete with captivating coastlines and majestic mountains, it is a top cruise destination no matter what you want from your voyage.

Whether it is icy waters or remote islands, much of the world is waiting for you to explore and indulge your inner adventurer. Do you have a top destination in mind for luxury 2018 cruises, or have you visited any of these phenomenal places before? Let us know in the comment box below.

Emma Smith
Emma has more than six years' experience as a writer and has been in the travel industry for over two years. She loves learning of new places and cruise ships coming to market, as well as discovering fun and exciting activities to do while you sail. She has cruised with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises and is looking to get something in diary for 2021! Her favourite things to see on a ship include excellent entertainment, a delicious cocktail menu and extraordinary dining venues.

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