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Tokyo To Tokyo

30th March 2023 FOR 10 NIGHTS | Silver Whisper

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A cruise across Asia and the Indian Ocean is the perfect way to discover the wonders of the Far East: from the vibrant culture and bustling cities of Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, to the picturesque and secluded island destinations of the Maldives and Seychelles located in the vast Indian Ocean.

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Wherever you travel across this diverse and beautiful part of the world, you are sure to encounter new and fascinating cultures and breath-taking natural landscapes alongside a host of historic monuments and famous landmarks.

A world of exciting possibility awaits throughout the captivating continent of Asia and across the Indian Ocean. Sail to tiny unspoilt islands to relax on a sun-drenched sandy beach or take a dip in the clear blue sparkling ocean waters. Experience the incredible and colourful culture of India in destinations such as Goa and Mumbai. Or head further east to Japan, Thailand and Vietnam amongst other wonderful nations to truly appreciate all the Asian continent has to offer.

Some of the best cruises to Asia and the Indian Ocean will travel throughout the entire region, from the stunning and remote islands of the Seychelles and the Maldives, across the legendary nation of India to Southeast Asia, where travellers can appreciate a host of spectacular and enchanting destinations across the Far East.

If you’d like to book your place on-board a cruise across Asia and the Indian Ocean, simply take a look at the range of exciting itineraries available to book now at SixStarCruises, with the world's finest luxury cruise lines. Call our expert Cruise Concierge team today.

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Tokyo00:00 - 23:00

Lights, sushi, manga! Sprawling, frenetic, and endlessly fascinating, Japan’s capital is a city of contrasts. Shrines and gardens are pockets of calm between famously crowded streets and soaring office buildings. Mom-and-pop noodle houses share street space with Western-style chain restaurants and exquisite fine dining. Shopping yields lovely folk arts as well as the newest electronics. And nightlife kicks off with karaoke or sake and continues with techno clubs and more. Whether you seek the traditional or the cutting edge, Tokyo will provide it.

30 Mar 2023


At Sea

31 Mar 2023


Kobe07:00 - 18:00

Located on the calm waters of the Inland Sea, Kobe has served as an important port town for hundreds of years. It was one of the first harbours to accept foreign traders in 1868 when Japan was just emerging from its centuries of isolation. What followed was a surge of Western trade and exports. Today, Kobe is quite multicultural, with expatriates from 98 different nations in residence, providing a cultural diversity most easily visible in restaurants serving every kind of cuisine, including the now world famous Kobe beef. The Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995 set back Kobe’s development, but not for long. Kobe emerged more vibrant than before - with additional attractions, hotels and urban redevelopment, and only a few remnants of the extensive damage. It is a cosmopolitan place with lively shopping arcades, interesting museums, great restaurants, and a port that is still at the heart of things. Kobe is well known for its nightlife, in an intimate quarter of neon lights, cosy bars and sophisticated nightclubs. It also serves as the gateway to the ancient Japanese capitals of Kyoto and Nara.

01 Apr 2023


Hiroshima08:00 - 17:00

History buffs will want to write home Hiroshima. Despite being devastated in 1945, this Japanese city is known to all for its commitment peace – its ruin on the 6th August 1945 led to the end of the war and today, the Peace Memorial (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) , is a constant reminder of the destruction that war brings. A walk in the leafy boulevards of Peace Memorial Park brings quiet contemplation. The Flames of Peace – set in the park’s central feature pond – burn brightly and will continue to do so until all the nuclear bombs I the world have been destroyed. There are many other inspiring messages of hope around the city too; the Children’s’ Peace Monument just north of the park is a homage to little Sadako Sasaki, who was just two in 1945. When she developed leukemia in 1956, she believed that if she folded 1,000 paper cranes – a symbol of longevity and happiness in Japan – she would recover. Sadly she died before she finished her task but her classmates finished the rest. It is impossible to ignore the events of 1945 in Hiroshima, but this is far from a depressing place. The great efforts that have been made in rebuilding of the city over the years have given Hiroshima a vibrant, eclectic edge, with the downtown shopping area and street food stalls being well worth a visit. The proximity to Miyajima and its iconic, impressive, Torii gate should not be overlooked either. If you are lucky enough to visit during the unpredictable and short-lived Sakura (cherry blossom) season, then the extraordinary sight of the delicate pink blossom floating across the water to the red gate, means you can consider yourself one of the luckiest people on the planet.

02 Apr 2023


Fukuoka08:00 - 18:00

Boasting Japan’s heady cocktail of hot springs, gourmet food, abundant nature and spiritual history, Kyushu Island has all the advantages of the mainland, while enjoying its own identity. The island is the third largest of Japan’s five island provinces and prides itself on having everything you could expect from the Land of the Rising Sun. The capital of the island, Fukuoka, is Japan in a bite sized morsel. As one of the country’s most strategic ports – it is closer to Seoul than Tokyo – the city has enjoyed a somewhat prestigious status over the years, including two unsuccessful Mongol invasion attempts in the 13th century. Some scholars suggest that the city is also the first place the Imperial Family set foot, although actual proof of this is scarce. What is certain however is that it was once the home of the samurai, with many samurai related spots found all over the city. A trip to the Kyushu National Museum will allow budding actors to try on traditional costumes and channel their inner feudal lord, while local shrines, tranquil Zen gardens and castle ruins all offer a chance to relive the city’s glory days. The city itself is made up of two smaller towns (Fukuoka and Hakata), and despite unification in 1889, Hakata is still considered the centre. A 2018 survey ranked the city number 22 on “the world’s most liveable cities” list, due to its excellent shopping, outstanding food, excellent transport links, good museums, “feeling of openeness”, green spaces and friendly, safe, environment.

03 Apr 2023


Yeosu08:00 - 18:00

As South Korea becomes increasingly popular as a tourist destination, Yeosu remains a hidden gem. Punctuated by cliffs, islands and peninsulas the Scenic shorelines are nothing short of spectacular. Host to the EXPO 2012 World Fair meant that Yeosu received generous government funding in order to develop its waterfront and the exhibition centre still stands. This is worth exploring if you want to learn what South Korea is doing to preserve its waters and what we can do to help. View less The butterfly-shaped peninsula is known for its succulent seafood and, in spring, camellia blossoms abound. Set in the very south of the country, the city is split in two by a mountain, and the two sides are connected by a narrow, keyhole-shaped tunnel. Enjoy the dichotomy of travelling from the modern west side to the stillness and peace of the Manseongri Black Sand Beach in the traditional east. There is a multitude of islands dotting the coast of Yeosu. For those wanting to see it all, ferry buses offer scenic boat trips so that you can island hop and spend as long or as little as you like in each place. However, if time doesn’t permit, a short taxi ride (or long walk) to either Odongdo or Dolsan via a man-made causeway is the best bet. Additionally, if you are feeling sporty, why not walk to the top of the rather mild hill, and be greeted with beautiful 360 views of the surrounding area. Because of its coastal location, fish lovers will be in their element here. Raw fish is a delicacy in all of coastal South Korea, though standard Korean fare, such as kimchi stew and pork loin soup is well worth a try if you are feeling adventurous. For those who want an authentic Korean dining experience, traditional Korean food include the famous ganjang gejang (raw crabs marinated in soya sauce) as well as other variants like the yangnyeom gejang (raw crabs marinated in spicy sauce).

04 Apr 2023


Nagasaki07:00 - 19:00

Nagasaki city has developed into one of the most important port cities in Japan. During Japan’s period of isolation in the 17th century, Nagasaki played a prominent role in foreign trade relation and only a very few ports were open to restricted numbers of foreign traders. Even though Holland was a major country who conducted trading during this period, Dutch people were only allowed to stay in Dejima Island and were not allowed to have contact with the Japanese people. Today, you will still find the strong influence of Dutch and Chinese culture in the city which is very different from all other cities in Japan. In the more recent history, Nagasaki became the second city after Hiroshima to be destroyed by an atomic bomb towards the end of World War II. From the visit to Atomic bomb museum and peace memorial park, people could understand how chaotic the situation was and the agony that the people in the days have experienced from the damage inflicted by the atomic bomb. It continues to appeal to the world with their wish for world peace.

05 Apr 2023


Kagoshima08:00 - 16:00

Kagoshima city is the capital of Kagoshima prefecture and also Kyushu’s southernmost major city. This city is often compared to its Italian sister city Naples, due to its’s similarities such as mild climate and active volcano, Sakurajima. Sakurajima is one of the most renowned active volcanos not only in Japan but also in the whole entire world. This smoking Sakurajima is centred in Kinko Bay and is one of the main symbols of this prefecture. We cannot talk about Sakurajima without the history of continuous eruption. Sakurajima used to be an isolated island; however, the land has banded together with Osumi peninsula from the eruption in 1914. You may have a chance to see the smoke coming from the top of Sakurajima depending on the weather condition. Not only does the scenery of Sakurajima represent the beauty of Kagoshima City but Senganen garden is also symbolic to elegance in the Kagoshima region. This Japanese garden was constructed by a feudal lord, Mitsuhisa Shimazu, as a guest house of the Kagoshima castle which attracts many visitors for its splendid view.

06 Apr 2023


Beppu, Kyushu Island, Oita09:00 - 18:00

The lantern-lit hot springs of Beppu, known for its eight scorching “Hells”, is a town that’s prettier than a picture. The town is found in a particularly volcanically active part of Japan (hence the abundance of hot springs, or in Japanese, onsens). The viewing pools have evocative names; think Sea Hell, Blood Pond Hell and Tornado Hell. While the names might seem a little off putting, the reality is stunning; sulphur laced air and vast spectrums of blues and reds, depending on the mineralisation of the earth. As if the gorgeous palette of colours at the onsen was not enough, Beppu is also world famous for its Sakura, or cherry blossom season. More than 2,000 cherry trees near the base of the ropeway to Mount Tsurumi make for one of Beppu’s most impressive hanami (flower viewing) spots. If not lucky enough to be in the area during Sakura, from May to June rhododendrons colour the mountain. The view from this 1,375m mountain is beyond impressive, allowing you to see all the way to the Kuju Mountains, Chugoku and Shikoku. If brave enough to climb all the way to the top, the stone Buddhas that were carved into the mountainside during the Heian Period (794-1185) are a worthy reward! As with much of Japan, duality is ever present. Modernity sits very comfortably by ancient buildings. While Beppu’s biggest pull is by far the hot springs and the thermal baths, nearby (10 km) Yufuin has a wealth of art museums, cafes and boutiques, catering to trend setters and urbanites alike.

07 Apr 2023


At Sea

08 Apr 2023



Lights, sushi, manga! Sprawling, frenetic, and endlessly fascinating, Japan’s capital is a city of contrasts. Shrines and gardens are pockets of calm between famously crowded streets and soaring office buildings. Mom-and-pop noodle houses share street space with Western-style chain restaurants and exquisite fine dining. Shopping yields lovely folk arts as well as the newest electronics. And nightlife kicks off with karaoke or sake and continues with techno clubs and more. Whether you seek the traditional or the cutting edge, Tokyo will provide it.

09 Apr 2023

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