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Southampton To Tromso

1st June 2022 FOR 13 NIGHTS | Silver Wind

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There are simply so many incredible destinations and unforgettable urban thrills to be found across North America, all of which are perfectly balanced by the amazing array of astounding scenery and incredible natural beauty on offer as you travel through Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

From Niagara Falls in upstate New York to the volcanic plains & that stretch across the lush archipelago of Hawaii, there seems to be an incredible sight waiting in every port on North American cruises & along with a huge collection of cities and townships, all with their own distinct character and attractions.

On the USA's historic east coast you will have the chance to discover the fascinating heritage and culture of cities like Boston and iconic New York City, visiting some of their most famous landmarks in the process, including the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Time Square and much more.

On the west coast, you will be equally as amazed by the experiences on offer, from exciting days spent exploring sun-soaked cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles to time ashore in incredible destinations including Seattle, Las Vegas and beyond, each renowned for their astonishing landmarks and bustling city ambience.

Further north, Canada and Alaska offer amazing opportunities to discover some of North America's most inspiring scenery and amazing wildlife. You could cruise the coast of Alaska and observe this marvellous state's diverse nature and vast areas of wilderness, or visit some of Canada's most iconic cities on an unforgettable journey, including Vancouver, Montreal and Quebec City.

Among the best cruises in North America are summer tours of Canada and Alaska, along with sailings to New York, Seattle and Hawaii and, of course, the Caribbean. Speak with our dedicated Cruise Concierge team and we can match you to your perfect North American cruise – whether you are looking for a wildlife tour in Alaska, or the sun, sand and style of the California coast.

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Southampton00:00 - 17:00

Lying near the head of Southampton Water, a peninsula between the estuaries of the Rivers Test and Itchen, Southampton is Britain’s largest cruise port. It has been one of England’s major ports since the Middle Ages, when it exported wool and hides from the hinterland and imported wine from Bordeaux. The city suffered heavy damage during World War Two and as a result the centre has been extensively rebuilt, but there are still some interesting medieval buildings including the Bargate, one of the finest city gatehouses in England.

01 Jun 2022


Tresco08:30 - 13:30

For many visitors Tresco is the most attractive of the Isles of Scilly. This is especially due to its Abbey Garden, which is home to thousands of exotic plant species from around 80 different countries. Plant collector Augustus Smith began the gardens in the 1830s on the site of an old Benedictine Abbey by channelling the weather up and over a network of walled enclosures built around the Priory ruins. He had three terraces carved from the rocky south slope and maximised Tresco’s mild Gulf Stream climate. Even in mid-winter there still are hundreds of plants flowering here. Another surprising attraction at the Abbey Garden is the collection of figureheads from ships that wrecked among the Isles of Scilly.

02 Jun 2022


Port Saint Mary13:00 - 17:30

The Isle of Man, off England’s west coast (and Ireland’s east) needs no introduction. Its Celtic history is legendary, its political past labyrinthine and its national symbol – a three legged figure with neither body nor head – an enigma that has been foxing historians for centuries. Do not confuse the Isle of Man with the United Kingdom. It does have “crown dependency” similar to Jersey, but the 32-mile-long island is entirely self-governed. View less It changed hands between England and Scotland many times during the middle ages but fell under British rule in 1399. However, when the feudal lordship was revested in 1765, the island never became part of the United Kingdom. And has remained independent ever since. The island is, quite literally, shrouded in a cloak of secrecy. This is called Manannán’s (or sea mist) after the obscure Celtic Sea God. Legend has it that Manannán’s cloak hides the island from invaders, so they just sail past. But that’s just the beginning of the island’s eccentricities. If you do not salute the mooinjer veggey (little people) that live under Fairy Bridge, you will provoke their anger and they will put a spell on you. The island’s national sport is tin bath racing. Modern life seems not to have arrived here. The railway system, the actual railway system not a contrived tourist attraction, is still operated by a steam locomotive. The tram system by horse drawn carriage. The water wheel, opened in 1895, has never been updated. After all, why would they? Everything works just fine.

03 Jun 2022


Isle of Iona06:30 - 12:00

With a population of 120 residents, Iona is Located off the Southwest of Mull. The island is 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide but draws in thousands of visitors each year due to its natural beauty and historical interest. Saint Columba and his fellow monks landed here in 563. This beautiful stretch of coastline brings out the true beauty of Iona facing onto the Gulf Stream that gives the island its mild climate. Located to the south of the road lies Sìthean Mòr (Large fairy hill) and alternatively known as the Hill of Angels, this is said to have been the setting for many rituals and traditions dating far back in history. This wonderful highlight, Iona Abbey was founded by Saint Columba in 563 and is said to have survived many Viking attacks. Although little remains of the monastic buildings of this period, the magnificent Abbey is the main attraction.

04 Jun 2022


Loch Scavaig, Isle of Skye06:00 - 12:30

05 Jun 2022


St. Kilda Archipelago06:30 - 12:00

St Kilda is a remarkable uninhabited archipelago some 40 nautical miles beyond the Outer Hebrides. The stunning cliffs and sea stacks are home to the most important seabird breeding colony in northwest Europe. St Kilda is one of the few places in the world to have received dual World Heritage status from UNESCO in recognition of its Natural Heritage and cultural significance. Village Bay on the island of Hirta once supported a population of over 200, but the last islanders left in the 1930s. Recent restoration work on the village by the National Trust for Scotland offers a marvellous link with the past. One of the caretakers acts as shopkeeper and postmaster for any visitors who might like to send a postcard home from St. Kilda.

06 Jun 2022


Papa Stour, Shetland Islands08:00 - 12:00

07 Jun 2022


Lerwick, Shetland Islands06:30 - 12:30

Founded by Dutch fishermen in the 17th century, Lerwick today is a busy town and administrative center. Handsome stone buildings—known as lodberries—line the harbor; they provided loading bays for goods, some of them illegal. The town's twisting flagstone lanes and harbor once heaved with activity, and Lerwick is still an active port today. This is also where most visitors to Shetland dock, spilling out of cruise ships, allowing passengers to walk around the town.

08 Jun 2022


Runde13:00 - 23:30

Runde is an island in southern Norway, some 25 kilometers to the west of Ålesund. Runde’s south and northeast shores have flat ground and a few houses for the roughly 150 regular inhabitants. On the west side of Runde, and facing the open ocean, are impressive cliffs with caves. Here one finds Norway’s southernmost accessible nesting sites of Atlantic Puffins, Black-legged Kittiwakes, Razorbills, Northern Gannets, and Common Guillemots. Several hundred thousand birds come here. Among the roughly 80 species nesting on Runde even White-tailed Eagles can be found. View less The different colonies can be seen from the sea, as well as hiking up the mountain. One of the largest seal colonies in the region is found on islets 4 kilometers northeast of Runde. These islets as well as a small portion of Runde’s east and entire west coast are part of Norway’s Ramsar site 2164. A scientific station does not only work in seabird monitoring, but also in marine biology, rocky shore monitoring, oceanography and meteorology.

09 Jun 2022


At Sea

10 Jun 2022


Værøy05:30 - 11:30

At the very southern end of the Lofoten Islands are bird cliffs that hold Norway’s largest colony of Atlantic Puffins, and also good numbers of kittiwakes, Razorbills, Black Guillemots, shags, Northern Fulmars and White-tailed Eagles. Storm Petrels and Leach Petrels can be seen from early July onwards. Characteristic shoreline species are Whimbrel, Red-necked Phalarope, Arctic Skua, Turnstone and Arctic Tern. Slightly further north is Værøy, an island with quite a few specialties. View less A special dog was bred to hunt puffins –the Norwegian Lundehund- while islanders caught the White-tailed Eagles with their hands! We will go ashore in Værøy and offer hikes and might do a Zodiac cruise along the rugged coast.

11 Jun 2022


Trollfjord05:30 - 07:00

12 Jun 2022


Harstad06:00 - 12:00

Superbly located on Norway’s biggest island Hinnøya, Harstad is a perfect illustration of what makes Norway famous. Spectacular scenery, powerful, raw beauty, long summer days and endless white nights are par for the course here, not to mention clear fjordic waters teeming with marine life. The town is perhaps less well known than its big sister Tomso, but this only works in little Harstad’s favour. View less In fact, it is said the most romantic place in all of Noway to see the Midnight Sun dipping behind the horizon is from Harstad’s Nupen mountain. Harstard’s stunning shores and rugged landscape are certainly it biggest claim to fame, and those who want to imbibe in it to the fullest aboard an RIB or kayak will uncover Mother Nature at her very best. Mile after mile of soaring mountain peaks, hidden tranquil coves, and fine white beaches are just the beginning. However, you might find that you’ll have to share your journey with white-tailed eagles spiralling high overhead and friendly dolphins and seals, bobbing alongside you. While Harstad’s natural landscape is undeniably magnetic, there is much to do for history buffs. The cultural landscape includes Trondenes Middle Ages visitor park, a quirky step back to the past, where actors propel you back to farm life in the 13th century. There is also the local church (aka the world’ most northerly medieval building), the historical centre, the boathouses and 2000 year old burial mounds for those who want superb examples of Harstad’s history and Viking roots.

13 Jun 2022



With its centre located on the island of Tromsø, the municipality of Tromsø is more than five times the size of Norway’s capital, Oslo, and is the world’s northernmost university city. Lying 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle, it is known as the 'Gateway to the Arctic' because it was used as a starting point for hunters looking for Arctic foxes, polar bears and seals. In the 19th century it was a base for explorers on Arctic expeditions – a history that is remembered in the city’s Polar Museum, which you can visit on an excursion. Also commemorated in the area is the history of Norway’s indigenous people, the Sami. Visitors can learn about the traditions, heritage and modern preservation of the Sami culture at the Tromsø Museum. Nowadays, Tromsø is a charming mix of old and new, with wooden buildings sitting alongside contemporary architecture such as the impressive glacier-like Arctic Cathedral, which features one of the largest stained glass windows in Europe. Looking down on the city is Mount Storsteinen, and a cable car runs to the top, giving wonderful views over the surrounding countryside of forested peaks and reindeer pastures.

14 Jun 2022

(This holiday is generally suitable for persons with reduced mobility. For customers with reduced mobility or any medical condition that may require special assistance or arrangements to be made, please notify your Cruise Concierge at the time of your enquiry, so that we can provide specific information as to the suitability of the holiday, as well as make suitable arrangements with the Holiday Provider on your behalf).


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