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Vancouver to Guayaquil

5th October 2022 FOR 33 NIGHTS | Silver Wind

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Alaska cruises are perfect for the adventurous cruiser, offering you the ideal opportunity to explore the largest, most remote and arguably most naturally beautiful state in the USA. Alaska is a spectacular and sparsely populated land of immense scenic beauty - it truly is a cruise destination like no other. It is wondrous on an immense scale - much of the coastline is wilderness, with snow-capped mountain peaks, immense glaciers, icebergs, fjords and verdant forests all coming together to offer a land of stunning contrast.

Alaska is the perfect destination for wildlife-lovers, offering the chance for cruisers to observe magnificent whales, hulking bears and soaring eagles alive and free in their natural habitats. From exciting whale-watching tours into the blue oceans off the coast of secluded port towns, to wildlife treks through vast forests and along rugged mountain trails, there are so many incredible ways to witness Alaska's rich flora and fauna first hand. 

With a huge choice of activities and tours that range from the mild to the wild, Alaska cruises offer a host of unique experiences which enable cruisers to discover for themselves the state's unspoilt wilderness. You could visit historic frontier towns rich in gold rush history, enjoy up-close encounters with wildlife in its natural habitat, or simply relax in one of many quaint destinations and admire the surrounding scenery in complete comfort. Whatever you choose to do during your time here, Alaska offers a thoroughly memorable and enriching luxury cruise.

A luxury Alaska cruise will feature a number of incredible ports of call, each with it's own unique and charming character, while still offering the dramatic and unforgettable sights and sounds that are synonymous with this scenic state. You could spend a day in the state capital of Juneau, where you'll find a fantastic blend of natural beauty and ancient heritage, explore the wilds of Seward and Sitka, and enjoy a souvenir shopping spree on the world-famous Creek Street in Ketchikan all on one amazing holiday - and much more too.

There are a wide range of six-star Alaska sailings available for you to book today with the world's finest luxury cruises lines. Just take a look at some of the great deals on offer right now and secure your place on-board for a once-in-a-lifetime escape across this spectacular corner of the globe.

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Vancouver, Canada

Boasting mountains, sea, culture, art and so much more, many cities claim to have it all, but few can back it up like Vancouver. Famously livable, just visiting this highrise city - surrounded by staggering natural beauty - is a thrill. Offering all of the creature comforts of an ultra-modern, worldly metropolis - even downtown has a hint of mountain-freshness to its air - and part of Vancouver's appeal is how easily you can swap the skyscrapers for whale-filled oceans and mountain-punctured skies. View less Head up to the Vancouver Lookout Tower for the ultimate 360-degree views of the city glistening, amid the beautiful embrace of the beckoning wilderness beyond. But what to see first? Art lovers might choose the Vancouver Art Gallery or the Contemporary Art Gallery. Nature lovers might rush for the ferry to visit Vancouver Island - where they can encounter grizzly bears, whales and orcas. Culture vultures, on the other hand, will probably head for the sights and sounds of Canada's biggest Chinatown. From steaming dim sum for lunch to Chinese apothecaries offering herbs to soothe any illness, it’s all here thanks to the migrant workers of the 19th century. The one-of-a-kind treasure of Stanley Park brings wild wonder and natural beauty to this cosmopolitan city's doorstep, and the pine-tree clad park offers isolated trails and amazing views. Wander the Seawall that encircles it - a 20-mile coastal path, full of joggers, whizzing skaters and wandering couples. Grab a bike and cycle between Coal Harbour and Kitsilano Beach. You can top up your tan on the shore, as you soak in the glorious views of the mountains and cityscape from the sands.

05 Oct 2022


Victoria, British Columbia

Set on the southern tip of Vancouver Island (although nowhere near Vancouver the city), Victoria (the city) is nowhere near Victoria Island. Confused? Victoria may be Vancouver’s smaller sister in size but what it lacks in bright light big city bustle, is more than made up for by its fantastic foodie scene, historical background and its glorious natural surroundings. What’s more, stop any local and you’ll find a charming population, full of friendliness and pride for their city. View less Easily walkable, Victoria is full of blooming gardens, coastal paths, engaging museums, and beautifully restored 19th-century architecture. Pods of friendly whales have been known to visit the harbour, attracted by the fertile waters. Three resident pods of Orcas live in the nearby Puget Sound, Gulf and San Juan Islands. Nothing beats the feeling of standing on the viewing deck, binoculars in hand, listening to the eerie communication of the beautiful black and white beasts. Discovered by Captain James Cook in the 18th century, Victoria – and Vancouver Island – had long been home to many indigenous families. The city retains its roots to its First Nation culture, thousands of examples of which can be found in the spectacular collection housed at The Royal BC Museum. People flocked to the area after gold was discovered in 1858, bringing adventurers from as far afield as Australia. This diversity of population was further cemented in the 19th century when thousands of migrant workers were brought in to build the railway.

06 Oct 2022


Seattle, Washington

Even if you think you know Seattle, we guarantee that by your next visit, the city will have changed. Because that is the nature of Seattle, always marching unashamedly towards the future. This is the city that gave us Starbucks, Nirvana and Fraser (plus numerous other celebrities from music legends to retail giants). It’s a city that knows how to surf the next wave with aplomb and grace. It is the city of the future. That is not to say that it doesn’t treat its past with respect. View less Settled by five pioneer families in 1851, the town quickly grew after the Northern Railway was extended to meet the coast in 1893. The Gold Rush of 1897 sealed the city as one of the great places on the west coast. The history of the city’s 100 Mercer girls – girls that were brought back by pioneer Asa Mercer who deemed the city had shortage of marriageable women – is just one of the quirky facts that makes the Seattle impossible not to love. Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington, yet there is a village vibe that is uncommon in metropolises. If you truly want to enjoy the unique hybrid of tradition and progression, then take a tour of Pike Place, Seattle’s famous farmer’s market. This was where the term “locavore” was coined, and local producer-customer meetings are not only commonplace, but are encouraged. Go hungry as the huge indoor market is laden with tasty options of food options, from fresh vegetables and fruit from to prepared food that can be eaten whilst enjoying a great view of the bay.

07 Oct 2022


At Sea

08 Oct 2022


Portland, Maine

The largest city in Maine, Portland was founded in 1632 on the Casco Bay Peninsula. It quickly prospered through shipbuilding and the export of inland pines, which made excellent masts. A long line of wooden wharves stretched along the seafront, with the merchants’ houses on the hillside above.

09 Oct 2022 - 10 Oct 2022


At Sea

11 Oct 2022


San Francisco, California

San Francisco's bounty overflows. Everywhere you look, every place you go, there's something to see or something interesting to do. The "City by the Bay" combines a splendid setting with cultural and historical elements, making San Francisco one of the finest and most beloved cities in the world. Visitors to San Francisco find themselves faced with very difficult decisions - what to see and do first. There are so many possibilities that its virtually impossible to see and do everything in one visit. The city itself is relatively small; many of the areas of interest are in close proximity of each other. From downtown to Chinatown and from North Beach to Fisherman's Wharf, there are numerous historical monuments, modern buildings, Victorian masterpieces, museums, parks, gardens and ethnic neighborhoods. Its no wonder that San Francisco captures the heart of all who visit.

12 Oct 2022 - 13 Oct 2022



Monterey is a city on California’s rugged central coast. Its Cannery Row, one-time center of the sardine-packing industry, was immortalized by novelist John Steinbeck. Today, it's a popular strip of gift shops, seafood restaurants and bars in converted factories. Also famous is Monterey Bay Aquarium, with thousands of marine animals and plants on display in underwater and interactive exhibits

14 Oct 2022


At Sea

15 Oct 2022


San Diego

Free from smog and jungle-like freeways, San Diego sits gracefully around a beautiful curving bay. Although affluent and conservative, this second largest city in California is also amiable and easygoing. San Diego has a vibrant and active downtown area, and since the late 1970s several blocks of early 20th century architecture have been stylishly renovated, while the sleek modern bank buildings symbolize the city's growing economic significance on the Pacific Rim. San Diego is the birthplace of California. Portuguese explorer Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo landed here in 1542; since then, San Diego has been under Spanish, Mexican and after 1846, American rule. The city really took off with the arrival of the Santa Fe Railroad in the 1880s, but in terms of trade and significance it has long played second fiddle to Los Angeles. However, during World War II the U.S. Navy made San Diego their Pacific Command Center and the military continue to dominate the local economy, along now with tourism. Within easy reach of the downtown area, encompassing 1,400 acres of cultural, recreational and environmental delights, San Diego's Balboa Park is a sumptuous place with trees, gardens, traffic-free promenades and a large concentration of Spanish-colonial style buildings. The Hillcrest area is the lively and artsy center of the city, and Old Town San Diego is now a historical park where the city's Spanish and Mexican history and heritage are most evident. The Gaslamp Quarter, once the heart of frontier San Diego, is today filled with smart streets lined with chic cafés, antique stores, art galleries and gas lamps (powered by electricity). Most of the eastern part of the county is taken up by the 600,000-acre Anza-Borrego Desert. Another must-see is the city's most famous attraction, the San Diego Zoo.

16 Oct 2022


At Sea

17 Oct 2022 - 18 Oct 2022


Cabo San Lucas

Found at the tip of Baja California, Cabo San Lucas is where the desert meets the ocean. Although it has received a makeover of modern Americana in recent years, this place is still a world away from everywhere else in Mexico. A trip to Cabo (the San Lucas is optional) will not leave you disappointed. With swaying palm trees, turquoise seas and long ribbons of white sand, this is a resort that ticks every box: great food, great nightlight which equal great times – for some. Others may prefer to scratch the surface just a bit deeper and travel along the peninsula that is known for its dramatic scenery of desert terrain and rugged coastline marked by many unusual formations. The sweeping views of the bay are simply sensational. A quick turn inward takes you to San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas’ older and more grown up sister. Offering a very much calmer and much more authentic atmosphere, just half an hour along the coast leaves you in its desert terrain, and leaves a very different impression from the lively beachfront bars and cafes of San Lucas. Perhaps one of the most stunning ways to see Cabo though is from the water. With the Arco de Cabo San Lucas featuring highly on many must-see lists, a trip around the bay is a must. The braver among you might also like to indulge their inner adrenalin junkie and swim with whale sharks – a memorable and totally risk-free experience if there ever was one. End your day of sightseeing with a fabulous sunset, a (tequila) sunrise in hand, watching the fishermen come home from their adventures.

19 Oct 2022


Puerto Vallarta

Located in the center of Mexico's Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta is one of the country's most picturesque cities and holiday destinations. Its cobblestone streets and red-roofed, white adobe-style buildings nestle between palm-covered mountains and the vast Banderas Bay. Stretches of white sand beaches are among the best in Mexico and the climate is consistently warm and sunny. For years, vacationers who had discovered the beauty of Puerto Vallarta tried to keep the "good news" from spreading. The arrival of a major film company and two of the world's best-known stars, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, changed Puerto Vallarta from a laid-back town to a famous getaway destination almost overnight. In addition to its visual appeal, Puerto Vallarta offers a variety of cultural entertainment and a lively nightlife. Take time to see the sights of the city. Downtown spreads around the small Isla Cuale, which lies in the middle of the Cuale River; the heart of the city is a few blocks north around the Municipal Square. A crown-topped cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, rises behind the square; a wide seaside promenade, known as the Malecon, hugs the oceanfront. A seahorse statue welcomes visitors to the downtown beach area. The statue and the prominent church tower have become symbols of Puerto Vallarta, or PV as locals call their town for short. Puerto Vallarta grew from an existing fishing village with a history dating back some 100 years. Because of its veritable heritage as a Mexican pueblo, the town tends to offer more of the country's artistic and cultural tradition than other Mexican resorts. The origin of the charro (traditional costume), the national beverage tequila and the typical music of the mariachi bands are credited to Puerto Vallarta. It is considered the most Mexican of all the country's resort towns.

20 Oct 2022


At Sea

21 Oct 2022



Whether going loco down in Acapulco fills you with dread or delight is up to you. The Mexican city is as famed for its spring breaker as for its splendid beauty. The lively promenade gives travellers a sense of modern Mexico; a creative food scene, excellent shopping and the world’s longest over the water zipline. Venture a little further from the waterfront for a taste of colonial architecture, artwork by Diego Rivera and a chance to snorkel in crystalline waters far from the madding crowd. The city is located on a deep seawater port, around 380 km south of Mexico City. Its history dates back to the 8th century, although it was not until the pre-Hispanic era – around 1520 – that the village began to expand. The Aztecs had ruled the city for a brief period, although lack of military organisation proved no match for the Spanish. Acapulco quickly became the second most important port of Mexico, welcoming ships from Europe on their return from Asia. The port was soon being targeted by buccaneers, thus the San Diego Fort was built in 1616 in an effort to stave off pirate attacks. The original fort was destroyed by an earthquake in 1776 and was rebuilt between 1778 and 1783 – this is the version that is still standing intact today. No one could visit Acapulco without witnessing the dramatic performances of the world-famous cliff divers. Standing poised at the edge of a 35 metre cliff, the divers soar into the crashing surf below. It is true entertainment, both nerve-wracking and impressive at once.

22 Oct 2022


At Sea

23 Oct 2022


Puerto Quetzal

Fishing and farming villages emerged on Guatemala's Pacific coast as early as 2000 BC. They were the forerunners of the great Maya civilization that dominated Central America for centuries. By 250 AD great temple cities were beginning to be built in the Guatemalan highlands. Today Guatemala is the most populous of the Central American republics and the only one largely Indian in language and culture. Only about two-thirds of the country is populated with still large areas of unoccupied land. Its two coastlines are along the Pacific and the Caribbean. Puerto Quetzal is the port for the town of San Jose, which used to be the country's second largest port. Most ships however had to stay at anchor and cargo discharge had to be done by lighter. Puerto Quetzal was built to accommodate ships alongside. Our call to Puerto Quetzal will provide you with the opportunity of visiting one of Guatemala's two best-known Mayan ruins plus the old capital city, Antigua.

24 Oct 2022


At Sea

25 Oct 2022


San Juan Del Sur

Located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, just half an hour from the Costa Rican border lies the pretty fishing village of San Juan del Sur. Considered by some as the “St. Tropez of Nicaragua”, the village certainly has some resemblances. A sleepy little port by day favoured by the local jet-set and curious traveller alike, San Juan del Sur enjoys a laid-back family orientated feel that is closer to southern France than southern America. By night however, San Juan del Sur transforms itself into the hottest of hot-spots. View less Known principally for its excellent surfing and vibrant nightlife, the town’s charms transcend these more mainstream attributes and it remains an idyllic boutique resort, with bright, colourful houses and remote beaches, offering respite for a community of likeminded cultured travellers. The sunsets here are legendary, so enjoy a Mojito or a local Toña beer, put your feet up and relax.

26 Oct 2022


Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Costa Rica's major Pacific port on the Gulf of Nicoya is renowned for its unspoiled nature and beautiful scenery, and is a convenient departure point for trips into Costa Rica's interior. Volcanic beaches along the coast give way to verdant jungle and coffee plantations further inland.

27 Oct 2022


Playa Panama

28 Oct 2022



Tequila Herradura is a tequila distiller located in Amatitán, Jalisco, Mexico. It was formally founded in 1870 by Félix López and the business remained in the family for over 125 years.

29 Oct 2022


Golfo Dulce

Wild, scenic and incredibly bio-diverse, Golfo Dulce is not on most tourists itineraries. The name, says it all, Golfo Dulce or sweet gulf, in English. After a well justified visit to the Golfo Dulce, located in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica, and adjacent to the Osa Peninsula, visitors will be delighted and perplexed, wondering why they would ever leave this wonderland. Several coastal hamlets reside along this enchanting gulf, namely Puerto Jiménez, Golfito, Zancudo and Pavones, as well as the Piedras Blancas National Park.

30 Oct 2022


At Sea

31 Oct 2022


Darien Jungle

Remote, roadless and some say terrifying, the Darien Jungle is one of the last true undiscovered places left on Earth. The Darien has an almost mythical quality to it; it is the only break in the 30,000-mile Pan-American Highway, which passes through 14 countries as it winds from Alaska to Argentina. The Jungle’s reputation precedes it; one of dangerous paramilitary groups, poisonous frogs and impenetrable vegetation. Certainly the Darien has to be undertaken with caution. But the beauty of this forgotten 60-mile stretch of land is that it is largely untouched by modern society. Plant life is rife, wildlife (yes, even those poisonous frogs) is wildly exotic, and with no roads, transport is by dugout canoe. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the world’s top ten birding sites: the colourful Crimson-collared Tanager, Chestnut-fronted Macaws and Snow-bellied Hummingbirds all call the Darien home, as does the endangered Great-green Macaw. Mammals include black-headed spider monkeys flying from treetop to treetop and stealthy Pumas padding silently in the shadows. The exceptionally ecologically diverse flora and fauna earnt the Darien National Park its place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park welcomes fewer than 1,000 annual visitors, so those who have stepped foot on this hallowed land are considered very, very special. The park can and does sustain human life, with three tribes, the Embera, the Kuna and the Wounaan living traditionally in open-sided thatched huts along the side of the river.

01 Nov 2022


Utría National Park

Nuqui is a coastal town and municipal area in Colombia’s Choco department. Located on the shore of Utria Cove, Nuqui has a small airport, a high school and hospital and serves as one of the entry points to the Utria National Park. From the coast and tropical rainforest to the mountains in the interior the park covers an area of 54,300 hectares. This is one of the wettest regions in the world with around 10,000 millimeters of rain per year. View less October is the rainiest month, but on an average 300 days per year have rain. Some 3,000 inhabitants live in the municipal capital. The majority of the 3,000 inhabitants are Afro-Colombians and members of indigenous tribes are also present. Utria National Park’s forested area has a rich and diverse fauna and flora with seven different mangrove species along its shore -yet it is the ocean and marine wildlife and specifically marine mammals that attract visitors. Dolphins can be found year-round, whale sharks have been registered, and humpback whales are common visitors between June and November, giving birth to calves from August to October.

02 Nov 2022 - 03 Nov 2022


Gorgona Island

Isla Gorgona is a beautiful tropical island and a national park. Packed with lush green rainforest, palm trees and beaches full of black volcanic rocks, this little island off the Colombian coast was used by Pizarro and his thirteen followers before they eventually went south to inspect and later conquer Peru. The island is named after its plentiful supply of snakes, which might have been one of the reasons to utilize the island until the 1980s as a prison.

04 Nov 2022


Puerto Lopez

05 Nov 2022


Machala, Ecuador

06 Nov 2022



The second major jumping off point for the Galapagos Islands after Quito, this is a little city with a big heart. A sea port first and foremost, the city’s personality has been founded on that, and all the better it is for it too. Almost Caribbean in feeling, the clement climate coupled with the intermingling rhythms floating from the windows and abundance of fresh seafood make this a very tropical destination. View less Once not even considered by the travel books as a potential destination in its own right, the city has undergone something of a resurgence in the past few years. Proud Guayaquileños will not hestitate to point out the Malecón or the exciting new riverfront promenade, once a no-go area after dark, now happily (and hippily) lined with museums, restaurants, shops, and ongoing entertainment. The new airport and urban transportation network are also lauded to the happy tourists who find themselves here. As the largest and most populous city in Ecuador as well as being the commercial centre, it would only be natural that the city would have some kind of modern architecture, but it is the colourful favelas, or to use their real name guasmos, that cling to the side of the hillside like limpets that really catch your eye. A blend of old and new, the first inhabitants can be traced back to 1948 when the government cleared the area for affordable housing, these shanty towns are witness to the social and political particularities that Guayaquil has faced in the past.

07 Nov 2022

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