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Arabian Adventure Extraordinaire - Mahe to Dubai

26th February 2024 FOR 16 NIGHTS | Silver Spirit

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Set sail on the journey of a lifetime to the vast and beautiful continent of Africa and discover why this spectacular – but often overlooked – part of the world offers an exciting escape for the intrepid traveller.

There’s no limit to what you can discover on an enchanting cruise to this stunning corner of the globe. With a plethora of fascinating ports across many diverse nations, cruisers will find a wealth of once-in-a-lifetime experiences along the scenic African coastline.

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From the intriguing and unspoilt tribal villages scattered across the continent to the array of majestic wildlife that roams the expansive African Savannah, breathtaking natural beauty and captivating culture is waiting in each new destination. You could embark on an unforgettable safari adventure to observe the wild animals that roam the plains of Africa in their natural habitat, or how about a South African wine tour to see the vineyards and winelands of Stellenbosch and beyond, and perhap even sample a fine vintage or two.

The best cruises to Africa will call in a diverse range of ports across the continent, so guests can truly appreciate this vast and fascinating region. Experience an exciting African safari in South Africa, observe the unique endemic wildlife of Madagascar and spend time in remote and beautiful locations across Tanzania, Namibia and more – all on one amazing cruise holiday.

You'll find a fantastic range of unforgettable cruises to Africa at with all of the world's finest luxury cruise lines, travelling along the scenic shores of this beautiful and fascinating continent. Some of these six-star voyages will also incorprate other regions including Europe, Asia and the islands of the Indian Ocean, offering the chance to embark on a truly epic escape.

Just take a look at some of amazing Africa cruises available to book now for the upcoming years and start looking forward to an incredible holiday aboard one of the world's most elegant and opulent cruise ships.

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Mahe, Seychelles

Like jade-colored jewels in the Indian Ocean, the more than 100 Seychelles Islands are often regarded as the Garden of Eden. Lying just four degrees south of the equator, the Seychelles are some 1,000 miles from the nearest mainland Africa. Little more than 200 years ago, all 115 islands were uninhabited.Then in 1742 a French ship dispatched from Mauritius sailed into one of the small bays. Captain Lazare Picault was the first to explore these unnamed islands. He encountered breathtaking vistas of rugged mountains, lagoons, coral atolls, splendid beaches and secluded coves. After Picault sailed away, the islands remained untouched for the next 14 years. Then France took possession of the seven islands in the Mahé group. During an expedition Captain Morphey named them the Sechelles, in honor of Vicomte Moreau de Sechelles.This name was later anglicized to Seychelles. The first settlers arrived at St. Anne's Island in 1770; 15 years later the population of Mahé consisted of seven Europeans and 123 slaves. Today there are about 80,000 Seychellois, the majority of whom live on Mahé; the rest are scattered in small communities throughout the archipelago.The people are a fusion of three continents — Africa, Asia and Europe.This has created a unique culture and the use of three languages — Creole, French and English. Mahé is the largest island in the archipelago and the location of the capital,Victoria. Ringed by steep, magnificent mountains, few capitals can claim a more beautiful backdrop.The town features a mixture of modern and indigenous architecture; it is the center of business and commerce thanks to the extensive port facilities. Noteworthy sites in Victoria are the museum, cathedral, government house, clock tower, botanical gardens and an open-air market.

26 Feb 2024


La Digue Island

This small island, no more than four square miles in size, is Praslin's beautiful neighbor and presents a picture of peaceful seclusion. Apart from a few minivans, the only other means of transport here are ox carts or bicycles. The island has two centers, La Passe where you come ashore via the ship's tender and, just half a mile to the south, La Réunion. Both are on the island's west coast and neither has more than a handful of dwellings, a few shops, bicycle and oxcart rentals. A perfect place to explore on one's own, some of the beaches near La Passe are within easy walking distance. To venture further you may want to hire an oxcart or a bicycle. There is good diving practically anywhere in the waters around La Digue, as well as excellent snorkeling at Anse Patates and Anse La Réunion. Protected on all but its southeast shores by a magnificent encircling coral reef, La Digue retains all the fascination of an untouched world. The road leading south from La Passe takes you past the charming La Digue Island Lodge and continues to L'Union Estate. The grounds feature a copra factory and an impressive tumble of granite rocks, at the foot of which live several giant tortoises. (There is a fee to enter L'Union Estate.) Further along the beach at Source d'Argent, a dirt path winds around heaps of giant granite boulders which present a popular subject for photo buffs.

27 Feb 2024


At Sea

28 Feb 2024 - 02 Mar 2024



Surrounded by striking mountains on one side and soft sandy shores along the coast, Muscat was already a thriving port in ancient times. As the capital of modern Oman with wide avenues and architecture that features both contemporary and traditional design, parts of the city still retain their medieval appearance, including two ancient Portuguese forts flanking the rocky cove around which the city is built. During the 14th and 15th centuries, Muscat was an important outpost for the powerful kings of Hormuz. In the 16th century, the Portuguese took possession of Muscat, but lost their dominance in the Gulf when the city came again under Omani rule in 1650. Since the mid-18th century, members of the Al-Busaidy dynasty have been the rulers of Oman. From the time of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said's accession to the throne in 1970, the Sultanate has gone from an underdeveloped country to a modern state with imposing government buildings, hospitals, new roads, a university and a sport complex. Muscat's picturesque old buildings still co-exist with modern commercial and residential quarters, giving the city an ambiance all its own. The seaside palace of His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos, offers a spectacular sight, as it stands between steep rocky hills. Greater Muscat covers a huge area divided into three sections: the old port area, the main trading and residential area, and the modern Central Banking District. Sumptuous villas and deluxe hotels are part of an ongoing building boom. Strong development in tourism has gained Oman a new role as an intriguing, fascinating and safe destination. Oman is full of treasures - from historic palaces and traditional buildings to captivating landscapes and gracious people. Its advent into modern age has managed beautifully to blend age-old mystique with a taste of the 21st century.

03 Mar 2024 - 04 Mar 2024



Fujairah, one of the seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates, lies on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, alongside the Indian Ocean and thus outside the Gulf. With a stunning setting of wide sandy beaches set against a backdrop of the rugged Haijar mountains, Fujairah is an emirate of contrasts, attracting slowly a growing number of visitors, especially those in search of a different kind of “sun, sea and sand” vacation. Economically, Fujairah experienced considerable development in recent years, thanks to its strategic location at the crossroads between east and west. Today, the emirate has a bustling economy based on its natural resources, a strong industrial and commercial base as well as thriving international port, airport and free trade zone. Significant international investment is now seeing the building of luxury hotels and associated tourism facilities. Careful planning ensures the preservation and protection of the town's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Despite several new luxury hotels and resorts along the picturesque coastline, the charm and tranquility, which characterized the town in times gone by, remain largely unchanged. In addition to ancient fortresses perched on rocky hilltops, there are date palm groves that grow to the sea's edge, abundant marine life and beautiful beaches that invite exploration. Please Note: Our call falls during the time of Ramadan, when Moslems fast from daybreak until sunset each day. Non-Moslems are requested to avoid eating, drinking or smoking in the presence of a Moslem during this period. Some hotel restaurants remain open during this time, but will not serve alcohol. Alcohol is only served after sunset.

05 Mar 2024


Ras Al Khaimah

06 Mar 2024


Abu Dhabi

Emerging from the desert’s sands like a mirage, Abu Dhabi's bold, brash and brilliant skyline continues to reach new heights. The extravagance on show can be dizzying at times, but it’s counterpointed by authentic history and culture, and majestic religious statements. You’ll shrink before the scale of the 50 exquisite, pearl-white domes of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is the UAE's largest and most revered religious space. A healthy pearl trade, and strategic location, brought prosperity in the 19th century, before the discovery of rich oil reserves propelled the city giddily skywards in the latter half of the 20th century. Nowadays, palatial hotels tower above dazzling ocean and white sands, while ever-reliable weather and remarkable extravagances, make Abu Dhabi a location of unbridled opulence and intrigue. The city's cultural scene is also burgeoning, with a stunning Louvre outpost recently opening for business. Find your bearings by ascending 300 metres to the heights of the Etihad Towers' viewing platform - where you can butter scones while enjoying a 'high tea' in every sense. The relentlessly glorious weather makes the coral-blue sea's sparkle ever-tempting, and at Saadiyat Public Beach you’ll find clear blue waves lapping soft, sugar-white sand. Wade out to enjoy bath-like temperatures of 30 degrees. The Corniche, meanwhile, is a sweeping coastal walkway, stretching for eight kilometres and offering rich views of the coral-blue ocean back-dropped by jagged skyscrapers.

07 Mar 2024 - 08 Mar 2024


Doha, Qatar

Extravagant shopping malls, gleaming skyscrapers and mosques studded with intricate carvings all contribute to the Pearl of Qatar's flourishing skyline. A futuristic vision kept grounded by its heritage, this sprawling metropolis's ambitious structures echo the ancient Arabic art that long preceded its rise. Explore the luxurious and fascinating tapestry of interwoven extravagance and tradition that is Doha's trademark, as you soak up the sun, sea and skyline of this ever-sparkling city. Founded in the 1820s, Doha has grown apace from its pearl-farming village origins. A well of oil riches helped to propel the city on its upward trajectory, fuelling a cityscape of twisted metal and glass that shimmers amid the peninsula's desert blaze. Despite the vertical ambitions, you can quickly lose yourself in Doha's tight web of alleyways, as you delve into the oldest souk in Qatar - which swallows visitors up in a cacophony of bartering and bantering. Goods have traded hands here for over a hundred years, and it's still, the place to pick out handfuls of fresh dates and nuts, or perch at restaurants serving up saloona - a heavily spiced and perfumed broth of lamb and soft aubergine. Wander the Corniche's four-mile parade, which unspools at the feet of skyscrapers that glow, jewel-like with multicoloured allure as night descends. You'll walk with the vibrant colours of the Persian Bay stretching out next to you. The palm-tree-lined boulevard culminates in the spectacular Museum of Islamic Art, which stands proudly like a giant, glinting sandcastle. Doha may have blossomed rapidly, but it's clear that the ambition doesn't stop here – and the city's boom continues as its time in the sun of the 2022 FIFA World Cup draws ever closer.

09 Mar 2024 - 10 Mar 2024


At Sea

11 Mar 2024 - 12 Mar 2024



Bold, brash and brilliant, Dubai’s explosion of wealth and wonder has created a dizzying, logic-defying desert wonderland. Boundary-pushing architecture, which gently nods to the region’s past - and a relentlessly futuristic vision - makes Dubai one of the most dynamic destinations on the planet. The hyper-speed transformation, from fishing village to glitzy mega-city, has been truly astounding, and it’s hard to avoid feeling humbled, as you stand dwarfed by cloud-scraping architecture, and some of the most elaborate, audacious engineering projects ever conceived. Fuelled by abundant oil reserves, it’s an understatement to say that there is cash to splash here. Whether it’s the gleaming sports cars that purr along the streets, or the luxury shopping malls that are decked out with colossal aquariums and amusement parks, credit cards are flexed with abandon here. The sheer scale of Dubai is stupefying, and the sight of the iconic Burj Khalifa towering over its not inconsiderable neighbours is surreally spectacular. Rocketing up a staggering 830 metres, the world’s tallest building is an elegant affair, tapering up into the ever-blue sky, and headlining this record-breaking city’s list of architectural wonders. The Dubai Fountain performs here each evening - a blur of colour and haze, its waters dance before the almighty tower behind. Dubai isn’t all about the skyward scramble, however, and the Miracle Garden is a vibrant, violent explosion of multicoloured flowery landscaping. Elsewhere, white-sand beaches like Sunset Beach grant sanctuary to take it easy, and enjoy splendid views of instantly recognisable buildings like the Burj Al Arab, and the reclaimed islands that fan out across Dubai’s warm sea waters. Desert landscapes of rolling sand dunes raise the pulses of the adventurous, while fine-dining and lively nightlife makes Dubai a luxury destination that truly has it all.

13 Mar 2024

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