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Central & South America

27th January 2023 FOR 16 NIGHTS | Azamara Onward

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This fly cruise holiday is financially protected by AZAMARA CLUB CRUISES under ATOL 10372

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Flights and most private overseas transfers
One-night pre-cruise 5* hotel stay at the Mondrian South Beach (or similar)
16-night premium-luxury, all-inclusive cruise
Three-night 5* hotel stay at Palacio del Inka in Cuzco
Machu Picchu tour by Hiram Bingham Train
Cuzco city tour and nearby archaeological sites
Two-night 5* hotel stay at Hilton Lima Miraflores
Lima Panoramic Private Tour

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Please check that you can meet the conditions below in order to travel on this cruise

1) All guests need to be in possession of a valid UK passport. This is also the case on any British Isles cruises. Please click here to check your passport will still be valid on your dates of travel.

2) Please check your travel insurance meets any criteria as specified by your cruise line. You can check your cruise line requirements here. For a travel insurance quote click here. Proof of travel insurance may be required on boarding.

3) Please check the vaccination and testing requirements from the FCDO, your cruise line and any destination countries here

Central & South America Voyage with Machu Picchu & Lima

Spend 23-nights exploring Central and South America on this ultimate adventure experience. Featuring 5* hotel stays; immersive tours and a premium-luxury cruise with Azamara.

Begin with a flight to Miami where you will stay overnight at a 5* hotel. The following day you'll embark Azamara Onward for a 16-night Central & South America cruise.

Disembark in Lima and fly to Cuzco, you'll spend three-nights in a 5* hotel. On the second day you'll discover Machu Picchu in true luxury with a full day tour by Hiram Bingham Train. The following day embark on a Cuzco city tour and discover nearby archaeological sites.

After your start in Cuzco, you'll fly back to Lima and relax for two-night in a 5* hotel and enjoy a private panoramic city tour. You will then transfer back to the airport the next day for your return overnight flight back to the UK.

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Fly from the UK to Miami

On arrival transfer to a 5* hotel for a one-night stay. The rest of the day is at your leisure.

26 Jan 2023


Miami, Florida00:00 - 18:00

Make your way from the hotel to Miami port and embark Azamara Onward.

Miami is one of the world’s most popular holiday spots. It has so much to offer; from its countless beach areas, to culture and museums, from spa and shopping days out, to endless cuban restaurants and cafes. Miami is a multicultural city that has something to offer to everyone.

27 Jan 2023


Key West, Florida08:00 - 18:00

Located closer to Havana than Miami, Key West is synonymous for all that is fabulous. Whether it’s beaches, back country or just a brilliant time that you’re after, Florida’s most southern point holds a wealth of intrigue, both past and present. Famed for its unique originality, Key West is a condensation of the best of the sunshine state – fantastic weather, laid back attitude, deep-rooted history and masses of fantastic, fresh seafood; it’s little wonder that nobody ever wants to leave.Floating in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, the island has two very definite personalities: bookish and bizarre. On the one hand, the literary festivals, exquisite Caribbean architecture and splendid art galleries attract the bourgeoisie, while on the other, the eccentricity and reticence to be associated with “the mainland” attracts all kinds of “happies” –new era hippies. The two dichotomies live peacefully side by side and have done ever since travellers started arriving in the 1960s — Key West being one of the three big K’s on the hippie path to enlightenment (Kuta and Kathmandu are the others).But past the idiosyncrasies of the Key Westers, and you will find an island that is literally brimming over with spectacular sights and wonderful wilderness. From Henry S. Truman’s Little White House and Ernest Hemmingway’s house and studio, to botanical gardens and marine sanctuaries, visitors will leave this fascinating island wanting more.Best seen by foot, bike or boat, this is an island to be explored al fresco.

28 Jan 2023


At Sea

29 Jan 2023


Georgetown, Grand Cayman08:00 - 17:00

Begin exploring the capital by strolling along the waterfront Harbour Drive to Elmslie Memorial United Church, named after the first Presbyterian missionary to serve in Cayman. Its vaulted ceiling, wooden arches, and sedate nave reflect the religious nature of island residents. In front of the court building, in the center of town, names of influential Caymanians are inscribed on the Wall of History, which commemorates the islands' quincentennial in 2003. Across the street is the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly Building, next door to the 1919 Peace Memorial Building. In the middle of the financial district is the General Post Office, built in 1939. Let the kids pet the big blue iguana statues.

30 Jan 2023


At Sea

31 Jan 2023


Cartagena13:00 - 22:00

Cartagena's magnificent city walls and fortresses, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enclose a well-restored historic center (the Cuidad Amurallada, or walled city) with plazas, churches, museums, and shops that have made it a lively coastal vacation spot for South Americans and others. New hotels and restaurants make the walled city a desirable place to stay, and the formerly down-at-the-heels Getsemaní neighborhood attracts those seeking a bohemian buzz. The historic center is a small section of Cartagena; many hotels are in the Bocagrande district, an elongated peninsula where high-rise hotels overlook a long, gray-sand beach.When it was founded in 1533 by Spanish conquistador Pedro de Heredia, Cartagena was the only port on the South American mainland. Gold and silver looted from indigenous peoples passed through here en route to Spain and attracted pirates, including Sir Francis Drake, who in 1586 torched 200 buildings. Cartagena's walls protected the city's riches as well as the New World's most important African slave market.

01 Feb 2023


At Sea

02 Feb 2023


Puerto Limón08:00 - 17:00

Christopher Columbus became Costa Rica's first tourist when he landed on this stretch of coast in 1502 during his fourth and final voyage to the New World. Expecting to find vast mineral wealth, he named the region Costa Rica ("rich coast"). Imagine the Spaniards' surprise eventually to find there was none. Save for a brief skirmish some six decades ago, the country did prove itself rich in a long tradition of peace and democracy. No other country in Latin America can make that claim. Costa Rica is also abundantly rich in natural beauty, managing to pack beaches, volcanoes, rain forests, and diverse animal life into an area the size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined. It has successfully parlayed those qualities into its role as one the world's great ecotourism destinations. A day visit is short, but time enough for a quick sample.

03 Feb 2023


Fuerte Amador (1 night in port)17:00 - 18:00

Founded in 1519 by the Spanish conquistadors, Panama City is now one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Central America and home to incredible architectural and ethnic diversity. This diversity is reflected in the variety of culinary styles and Panamanian dishes, which are a unique blend of Spanish, African and Native American cuisine. When not dining at one of the city’s many renowned restaurants, be sure to visit the neighborhood of Casco Viejo, the historic heart of Panama City, and the Calle Uruguay district for its vibrant nightlife; hike through acres and acres national parks and the rainforest at Parque Natural Metropolitano, located just minutes from downtown; and of course, a trip to the Miraflores locks to watch huge ships travel along the iconic Panama Canal. And with both the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal and the opening of the second canal locks in 2014, there’s no better time to visit.

04 Feb 2023 - 05 Feb 2023


At Sea

06 Feb 2023


Manta08:00 - 14:00

Manta is Ecuador's second largest port, north of Guayaquil which is the largest, and just south of the equator. With a population of approximately 140,000, Manta is a commercial center for fish and fruit, particularly bananas and plantains, which thrive in the tropical climate. However its beaches and quaint fishing villages have long attracted tourists. Shrimp, tuna and giant blue and striped marlin run in abundance in the waters off its coastal plain. Manta's culture is a vibrant patchwork of the heritage and traditions of the country's early Native American, Spanish and black African slave settlers.

07 Feb 2023


Guayaquil08:00 - 22:00

The second major jumping off point for the Galapagos Islands after Quito, this is a little city with a big heart. A sea port first and foremost, the city’s personality has been founded on that, and all the better it is for it too. Almost Caribbean in feeling, the clement climate coupled with the intermingling rhythms floating from the windows and abundance of fresh seafood make this a very tropical destination. Once not even considered by the travel books as a potential destination in its own right, the city has undergone something of a resurgence in the past few years. Proud Guayaquileños will not hestitate to point out the Malecón or the exciting new riverfront promenade, once a no-go area after dark, now happily (and hippily) lined with museums, restaurants, shops, and ongoing entertainment. The new airport and urban transportation network are also lauded to the happy tourists who find themselves here. As the largest and most populous city in Ecuador as well as being the commercial centre, it would only be natural that the city would have some kind of modern architecture, but it is the colourful favelas, or to use their real name guasmos, that cling to the side of the hillside like limpets that really catch your eye. A blend of old and new, the first inhabitants can be traced back to 1948 when the government cleared the area for affordable housing, these shanty towns are witness to the social and political particularities that Guayaquil has faced in the past.

08 Feb 2023


At Sea

09 Feb 2023


Salaverry (Trujillo), Peru08:00 - 17:00

Trujillo is a beautiful example of modern touches seamlessly blending with colonial-era architecture. Known as the “City of Eternal Spring” for its beautiful weather and burgeoning cultural scene, Trujillo’s rich history unfolds before your eyes as you stroll its streets—many of which appear the same as they did hundreds of years ago.

10 Feb 2023


Callao (1 night in port)13:00 - 00:00

When people discuss great South American cities, Lima is often overlooked. But Peru's capital can hold its own against its neighbors. It has an oceanfront setting, colonial-era splendor, sophisticated dining, and nonstop nightlife.It's true that the city—clogged with traffic and choked with fumes—doesn't make a good first impression, especially since the airport is in an industrial neighborhood. But wander around the regal edifices surrounding the Plaza de Armas, among the gnarled olive trees of San Isidro's Parque El Olivar, or along the winding lanes in the coastal community of Barranco, and you'll find yourself charmed.In 1535 Francisco Pizarro found the perfect place for the capital of Spain's colonial empire. On a natural port, the so-called Ciudad de los Reyes (City of Kings) allowed Spain to ship home all the gold the conquistador plundered from the Inca. Lima served as the capital of Spain's South American empire for 300 years, and it's safe to say that no other colonial city enjoyed such power and prestige during this period.When Peru declared its independence from Spain in 1821, the declaration was read in the square that Pizarro had so carefully designed. Many of the colonial-era buildings around the Plaza de Armas are standing today. Walk a few blocks in any direction for churches and elegant houses that reveal just how wealthy this city once was. But the poor state of most buildings attests to the fact that the country's wealthy families have moved to neighborhoods to the south over the past century.The walls that surrounded the city were demolished in 1870, making way for unprecedented growth. A former hacienda became the graceful residential neighborhood of San Isidro. In the early 1920s the construction of tree-lined Avenida Arequipa heralded the development of neighborhoods such as bustling Miraflores and bohemian Barranco.Almost a third of the country's population of 29 million lives in the metropolitan area, many of them in relatively poor conos: newer neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city. Most residents of those neighborhoods moved there from mountain villages during the political violence and poverty that marked the 1980s and ’90s, when crime increased dramatically. During the past decade the country has enjoyed peace and steady economic growth, which have been accompanied by many improvements and refurbishment in the city. Residents who used to steer clear of the historic center now stroll along its streets. And many travelers who once would have avoided the city altogether now plan to spend a day here and end up staying two or three.

11 Feb 2023 - 12 Feb 2023

Machu Picchu by Hiram Bingham Train - full day tour

Travel across of the most beautiful and romantic scenery in Peru – in style. The Hiram Bingham luxury train will take you from Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire, to near Machu Picchu, the ‘lost city of the Incas’, which was rediscovered by American explorer and adventurer Hiram Bingham a century ago. Board the 1920s-style carriages and enjoy a welcome drink before setting off. From your exclusive vantage point enjoy stunning scenery of the dramatic Urubamba valley, passing sights such as the vast agricultural terraces of Jaquijahuana, the remains of an Inca city that was destroyed by Spanish conquistadors, and the secluded Sacred Valley village of Ollantaytambo. You will be served a delicious brunch and can chose from an excellent selection of South American wines. On arrival at Aguas Calientes, a coach will transfer you to Machu Picchu, which had lain hidden from the world until Bingham climbed the mountain in the summer of 1911 and revealed the secret known only by local farmers to the world. You can opt to trek the last section of the Inca Trail that ends at the ‘Gateway of the Sun’, the hidden road to the Inca Bridge or just simply enjoy the landscape. Rest with a cup of tea at the Sanctuary Lodge before boarding the train back to Cusco. Recline to the bar and listen to live band perform Peruvian, learn how to make Pisco Sour cocktails from the barman or simply enjoy the sunset from the observation deck. You will be served a sumptuous four-course dinner, complete with Peruvian delicacies.

13 Feb 2023

Cusco and nearby archaeological sites tour

The tour starts with a visit to Santo Domingo Convent, a large Renaissance-baroque complex, which was built over the Inca Coricancha temple. It was one of the most important temples dedicated to worshipping the sun, and its foundations are still prominent at the base of the convent. Ancient chronicles say the temple was covered in gold leaf. Then, visit the Cathedral at the Main Square. Head uphill to the mega fortress of Sacsayhuaman, which was built from large polished rocks and protected the entrance to the city. Continue to the ritual sites of Kenko, where sacrifices are believed to have taken place, and Tambomachay, where water was worshipped as a sacred element. Then finally visit Puka Pukara (Red fortress in Quechua) an Inca military complex located on a prominent hill. Its dwellings, squares, bathrooms, aqueducts, walls, and towers can still be appreciated.

14 Feb 2023

Fly from Cuzco to Lima

Transfer from your hotel to Cuzco airport for a flight to Lima. On arrival in Lima transfer to a 5* hotel for a two-night stay. The rest of the day is at your leisure.

15 Feb 2023

Lima Panoramic Private Tour

This Panoramic Tour will give you the chance to stroll around this picturesque place, feasting your eyes on architectural treasures and taking in the scenic beauty. Explore the heart of the glorious and distinguished Lima. Called the ''City of the Kings'' by the Spanish conquistadors in 1535, today's Lima combines elegant, colonial architecture and vibrant modernism as well as traces of pre-Inca and Inca civilizations. Be captivated by the history of this special place as you take in sights such as The Plaza Mayor where you can see the impressive Presidential Palace and the Cathedral of Lima with its grand baroque facade made of stone, all these spectacular buildings are still in use. Appreciate the gorgeous portals of the Scribes and the Buttoners that surround the square, and admire the elegant fountain of bronze of the Salvatierra Count. Back in Miraflores, enjoy a brief stop at the romantic Love Park, which opened on February 14, 1993 and is heavily frequented by couples every Valentine's Day. Admire the tranquillity and beauty of the park as you stroll around taking photos. Appreciate the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean while wandering around this magical park. This fascinating complete Lima Panoramic tour is essential on any holiday itinerary for those who love history, culture, architecture and beauty. We welcome you to embark on an exhilarating journey through the enchanting city of Lima.

16 Feb 2023

Fly from Lima to the UK overnight

Transfer from your hotel to the airport for an overnight flight to the UK.

17 Feb 2023

(This holiday is generally suitable for persons with reduced mobility. For customers with reduced mobility or any medical condition that may require special assistance or arrangements to be made, please notify your Cruise Concierge at the time of your enquiry, so that we can provide specific information as to the suitability of the holiday, as well as make suitable arrangements with the Holiday Provider on your behalf).


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