Feel like you’ve seen it all in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean? Looking for your next new adventure? Take a look at these ideas for luxury cruise destinations you might not have considered before….

The South Pole

South Pole Penguins

A cruise in the Antarctic is likely to be a world away from anything you’ve experienced before. Whilst you’ll have to forego lounging on the sundeck, the opportunity to experience breathtaking landscapes and stunning wildlife will more than make up for this. Spotting seals, walruses and penguins is a favourite activity on Antarctic cruises, whilst land-based activities may include dog sledding and snow mobile safaris.

Alternatively, you could travel north to the Arctic and explore the North Pole. As well as the possibility of spotting a wild polar bear, travelling so far north may also afford you the opportunity to witness the enchanting Midnight Sun.

South Africa


Cruises to Africa have become more popular in recent years, as more people discover the beautiful beaches, landscapes and wildlife that the continent has to offer.

The Cape Coast in South Africa in particular is a very romantic destination to enjoy a cruise. Famous for its vineyards, wine tasting is a popular activity for couples visiting the area. The world-famous Table Mountain offers majestic views across the coastline and is well worth a visit.

The exciting city of Durban is also not to be missed, as it features not only an engaging city centre to explore, but also a pristine stretch of beaches known as The Golden Mile.


Hong Kong

China presents an incredible contrast between ancient history and uber-modern living. You’ll find vast metropolises such as Hong Kong and Shanghai to explore, as well as quaint ports that offer an insight into China’s interesting past.

Eating authentic Chinese food with one of China’s glittering cities as a backdrop is an experience you’ll never forget.

Many cruises around China also call at Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, offering even more opportunities for cultural immersion.



So vast is Australia, with huge expanses of desert between each city, that cruising offers one of the only practical ways of seeing the various cities and natural beauty of the country.

As well as experiencing first-hand the most famous landmarks of Sydney and the rich culture of the other cosmopolitan cities such as Brisbane and Perth, a cruise around Australia offers plenty of opportunities to relax on some of the World’s finest beaches and enjoy the best snorkelling experiences on Earth in the Great Barrier Reef.

Not far from Australia lies New Zealand, which is also a great destination to visit with its charming port cities and striking mountain scenery.

The Panama Canal

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal stretches across Panama, from Colon on the Atlantic Coast to Balboa on the Pacific side. The 48-mile waterway was created as a shortcut to prevent ships from having to make the long and perilous journey around the southern tip of South America.

Whilst travelling along the 100-foot wide canal is an incredible experience in itself, Panama Canal cruises also offer the opportunity to call at fascinating destinations nearby such as Colombia, Equador, Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean.

With year-round sunshine and a huge variety of itineraries to choose from, a cruise that includes the Panama Canal is surely one for anyone’s bucket list.

Here at Six Star Cruises, we have a team of expert cruise concierge who have a wealth of experience in luxury cruising across the globe. If you’d like help with choosing your next cruise, please give us a call on 0207 980 2848.

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