Luxury cruise destinations might traditionally be characterised by white-sand beaches and palm-fringed pathways, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Adventuring across immersive landscapes and experiencing a country’s culture can be just as indulgent and equally unforgettable, especially when you sail with Silversea.

Be inspired by these seven luxury cruise destinations visited by Silversea on their once-in-a-lifetime Couture Collection and expedition cruises. Which will you pick first?

1. Tibet

Stunning view of the Jokhang Temple in Tibet

Channel the spiritual surroundings of Tibet and experience this mountainous region on the cusp of the Himalayas. Named the ‘roof of the world’ for its high-rising peaks, explore wild roads that lead to stunning temples and endless plains.

Silver Shadow cruises to the Asian ports of Tokyo and Hong Kong before connecting with Silversea’s Couture Collection experience in Tibet. The experience includes trips to the stunning Jokhang Temple which is considered the holiest destination for all Tibetan pilgrims. This 1,300-year-old temple is a testament to the spiritual heart of Tibet – with waves of local pilgrims circling the building each day. You will also visit the Sera Monastery, where you can witness a monk debate and attend a brief meditation class with a local monk.

2. Antarctica

Expedition sailing through the glaciers of Antarctica

Sail on Silver Cloud, Silversea’s newest expedition vessel, and journey to the southernmost tip of the world. Antarctica is a rugged wilderness with a craggy coastline that twists and turns through glaciers and vast sheets of ice. Explorations of this stark beauty unveil endlessly beautiful landscapes and stunning scenery that will take your breath away.

Silversea’s Antarctica expedition cruises begin in Ushuaia, before sailing to the Antarctic Peninsula via the Drake Passage. Enjoy the abundance of polar wildlife both above and beneath the ice-blue waters. Spot albatrosses swooping and petrels diving beneath the water, feeding on fish and squid. Mingle with penguin colonies, watch seals nurture their cubs and even gaze in awe as killer whales breach the surface in search of food.

3. Africa

Gorilla in Africa - popular port for Silver Discoverer

Embark on Silver Discoverer for an unforgettable voyage to Africa, exploring ports such as Zanzibar, Durban and spots across Madagascar. Pair this cruise with Silversea’s African Couture Collection experience across central Africa, visiting Rwanda and the Serengeti.

Central Africa is immersive, with vast forests and game reserves to explore. Silversea allows you to explore the misty mountaintops of Rwanda, in search for the ultimate primate – the mountain gorilla. Trek beneath the canopies with expert guides to find habituated gorilla groups, encountering the wildlife in its natural habitat.

4. Galapagos

Galapagos wildlife - Marine iguana, resting on a rock

Beautifully biodiverse, the Galapagos is home to one of the world’s most unique ecosystems. As Silversea’s smallest ship, Silver Galapagos is perfectly built for exploring this isolated collection of islands. This volcanic archipelago inspires all of its visitors, from famous theorists to amateur photographers and nature-lovers.

Silversea’s expedition cruises here allow you to experience exploratory activities including Zodiac tours, snorkelling, kayaking and nature hikes led by guides certified by the National Park of the Galapagos.

5. Iceland

Picturesque waterfall in Reykyavik

Visit the land of ice and fire and relive the legends of Viking lore in their Motherland – Iceland. Let the magic of this country whisk you away as the landscapes and windswept plains play with your imagination. Sail on Silver Cloud to Reykjavik, the world’s most northerly capital city and a hub of Icelandic history and culture.

Travel to Thingvellir National Park to peer at the natural wonder of this UNESCO World Heritage site, see the landscape on horseback as you hack on Icelandic horses, or even visit Lake Myvatn and the geothermal areas of Krafla, Namaskard and Dimmuborgir to see impressive geothermic formations and activity.

6. South America

Mayan ruin site in South America - Machu Picchu

The west coast of South America is a prime destination to don your walking boots and explore the captivating culture of some of the world’s most renowned civilisations. Encounter ancient sites like Machu Picchu, visit the Santa Domingo Convent in Cusco, and explore the colonial architecture of Lima.

Silver Cloud can take you on a luxury adventure along this diverse coastline, from the bone-dry deserts of Atacama and the sprawling city of Antofagasta, to the southern region of Patagonia with its pristine wildlife reserves and fjords. Silversea lets you experience the dramatic extremes of this continent as you roam the region and indulge in cultural experiences.

7. Mongolia

Nomad tents situated in Mongolia

Cruise around some of the iconic Asian ports of Tokyo, eastern China, and even the western regions of Alaska before adventuring to Mongolia, an unexpected luxury cruise destination which offers untouched landscapes and unique wildernesses. Silversea offers the chance for cruisers to pair the two in their couture collection, with an exclusive experience in this remarkable country.

Journey to the capital, Ulaanbaatar, and meet the reindeer herders of northern Mongolia, and visit the Nomadas Camp and village of Sagsai, famous for its Kazakh eagle hunters. Spend the evening in their traditional dwellings, attend a small local festival ceremony and see how they train the golden eagles to hunt while riding through the mountain ranges.

Wherever you travel, Silversea can guide you to seek luxury and unforgettable memories in each and every port. Enjoy expeditions which delve into the depths of each destination and explore hand-selected itineraries within the exclusive Couture Collection for unrivalled experiences and ultimate luxury. Where will you sail next?

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