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Explora Journeys brings over 300 years of seafaring history to luxury cruising, offering travellers an ocean escape that celebrates discovery while reconnecting to what matters most. Reinventing the classic luxury cruise experience, this new luxury brand was created by inspiration from nature and the love of the sea.

Explora Journeys uses the latest in environmental-supporting technologies, while being ready to adapt to alternative energy solutions as they become available. Built with ship-to-shore power capabilities to avoid CO2 emissions while at berth and powered by marine gas oil, all four ships in the fleet will be RINA DOLPHIN certified for reduced underwater noise. Single-use plastics will not be used onboard the ship, nor will they be offered during land-based experiences, as Explora Journeys is focused on leaving a positive impression on the places and people visited.

Explora Journeys is a new luxury cruise line that is designed to explore the very best of the world’s destinations. Explora Journeys fleet currently have a new ship that is set to launch in August 2024. More Explora Journeys ships are scheduled to be launched with 4 more state-of-the-art ships set to join the fleet between 2025 and 2028.

Each ship will feature the latest cutting-edge technology to provide journeys of discovery through destinations on and off the beaten path. Guests can expect the luxury cruising voyage that they've always dreamt of with the highest level of amenities and service thanks to Explora Journeys.

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