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Overflowing with history, culture, fine dining and even tranquil green spaces, Singapore is the perfect place to spend a day or two before, after or even during a luxury cruise.

Explore Singapore’s varied charms and discover why this global metropolis is so much more than a stopover.

Delectable food

A bowl of lor mee with chopsticks on a table in Singapore

Owing to Chinese and Malaysian influences, Singaporean cuisine makes this city a top destination for foodies. Laksa (a noodle soup of curry, vegetables and some form of protein) is an iconic must-try, while more adventurous dishes like kway teow (noodles stir-fried with egg, dark soy sauce, shrimp paste, chilli and Chinese sausage) will reward your taste buds for stepping out of their comfort zone. Boasting over 40 Michelin-starred restaurants, it’s unsurprising that food is the past-time of choice in Singapore.

Hidden treasures

Ornate carvings on the exterior of Sri Veeramakaliamman in Singapore

Despite its futuristic veneer, Singapore hides historic surprises and ancient treasures. Traditional temples like Sri Veeramakaliamman (the oldest in Singapore) and architectural gems like the colonial Raffles Hotel nestle among towering skyscrapers and dream-like structures.

Singapore is also an urban oasis filled with green spaces designed to relieve locals and visitors from the big city bustle. Step into Singapore Botanic Gardens and feel like you have been transported to a rainforest, or venture just 20 minutes outside the city to explore the actual rainforest, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Commitment to nature

Aerial shot over the lush vegetation and super trees at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Singapore leads the way in environmental sustainability. New developments are designed with living walls and roofs that help improve air quality and lower the cooling costs of the building, and of course, there is Gardens by the Bay, a national garden and premier horticultural attraction. Lush vegetation grows alongside mechanical ‘super trees’ decked out with solar panels and tropical plants; serving the dual purpose of parasol and valuable wildlife habitat.

Beautiful beaches

A secluded beach at Sentosa Island during Singapore cruises

It is hard to believe you can find such peace and quiet just a stone’s throw from Singapore’s rapidly beating heart. Sentosa Island offers beautiful beaches, indulgent spas, boutique shops and mouth-watering restaurants that aren’t to be missed during luxury cruises to Singapore.

If you are seeking tranquillity and solitude, lay out on Tanjong beach, and for the coolest bars and restaurants, head for Siloso beach.

Unrivalled shopping

Shoppers strolling through Singapore's Chinatown district

Singapore is one of the world’s premier shopping destinations. Orchard Road is packed with sparkling boutiques and premier designer brands, while Chinatown street market offers an altogether more authentic experience and the opportunity to pick up local gifts for loved ones. With countless gourmet restaurants waiting to refuel you after your shopping spree, you could easily spend the entire day spoiling yourself rotten before heading back to your cruise ship.

A thriving cultural scene

A contemporary work of art hanging in a gallery in Singapore

Singapore’s cultural scene is gaining worldwide recognition. There is The Singapore Biennale: a contemporary arts celebration that takes over the whole city. Then you have the Singapore International Festival of Arts which encompasses theatre, dance and music. Both are putting Singapore on the cultural map and are must-visits if your cruise coincides with them.

Have you visited Singapore? Tell us what you loved about your trip using the comment box below. And if you haven’t been? Luxury cruise and stay holidays are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in this captivating city.

With countless hotels across Singapore, we can help you find the perfect base for exploration. Simply call 0808 278 4192 to speak to our Concierge team about Singapore cruise packages.

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