We spoke with Silversea’s Sales Director of UK, Ireland, Middle East & Africa – Connie Georgiou – who offered us an exclusive insight into the present and future plans of Silversea, as well as what makes the cruise line so unique.

Firstly, tell us about Silversea – 

“Silversea is the leading ultra-luxury cruise line. Unlocking deep travel experiences for guests in over 900 destinations – more than any other cruise line – from pole to pole. Aboard Silversea’s nine intimate ships, guests enjoy unparalleled service, including the personal service of a butler for every suite; fine cuisine from around the world; and complimentary drinks served throughout the ship, including champagne and spirits.”

Silver Explorer - Silversea Expedition

What are you most excited about for the cruise line?

“There are many exciting things planned for the cruise line, which will elevate the Silversea experience further still. For example, we are most excited about the launch of five new ultra-luxury ships: Silver Moon and Silver Dawn, launching in 2020 and 2021 respectively as sister ships to Silver Muse; Silver Origin will join the fleet in 2020 – the most elegant ship to ever sail in the Galapagos; and two ultra-luxury Evolution Class ships – the first of which is expected to be delivered in 2022. Moreover, a groundbreaking new culinary programme, S.A.L.T., will be unveiled with the launch of Silver Moon in 2020; enabling guests to deep dive into the cultures of the world through culinary immersion.”

La Dame - Silversea Cruises

What can you tell us about the merger with Royal Caribbean and what future plans this holds for Silversea?

“The partnership is mutually beneficial for both parties: Royal Caribbean has entered into the ultraluxury and expedition fields with a leading player, while Silversea has been able to grow and enrich its fleet of ultra-luxury ships for the benefit of its guests – faster and larger than would have otherwise been possible. Adding to the two ships on order, we have already placed orders for three new ships: Silver Origin and two Evolution Class ships.”

Silver Origin - Silversea

Over the last new months we have seen the release of the brand new S.A.L.T programme, which will feature on-board Silver Moon. Can you tell us more about this?

“Silversea’s Sea and Land Taste programme will enable guests to travel deeper into the cultures of the world through a range of culinary insights – both on board and ashore. It will unlock rare, enriching culinary experiences for guests, focusing on food, flavours and people. Guests will enjoy uniqueexperiences ashore, guided by local experts, before returning to the comfort of the ship to develop their understanding. S.A.L.T. will be overseen by Adam Sachs, former Editor-in-Chief of Saveur magazine and multi-award winner.”

As well as Silver Moon, there is also Silver Origin due to set sail for the Galapagos from 2020. What makes her so special? How does this differ from other ships which explore this region?

“Silver Origin will be the most luxurious ship to ever sail in the Galapagos, as well as one of the most environmentally friendly ships ever built. Every decision made on the design of the ultra-luxury ship has been made with the destination in mind. From the materials used on board to the food served in the restaurants, the ship is entirely tailored to the Galapagos. Silver Origin will offer guests the ultimate destination experience, with Silversea’s trademark level of comfort and service, as well as the cruise line’s destination expertise. The ship will see the highest crew-to-guest ratio (1:1.16) and the highest ratio of qualified guides per guest (1:10) in the Galapagos Islands.”

Blue-footed Boobie - Silversea

2021 is the year for the first ever Expedition World Cruise with the Unchartered World Tour. What would you say are the highlights of the 167-day experience?

“The first ever expedition World Cruise will take guests to 107 destinations in 30 countries in 6 continents. Journeying approximately 39,000 NM, the pioneering voyage has been crafted around the world’s most amazing experiences, including Zodiac tours in Antarctica, exploration of Easter Island, and a land diving ceremony on Pentecost Island –among many others. More than 60% of destinations will be explored by Zodiacs, for a more immersive experience. The World Cruise will unlock the most remote beauty on earth, incorporating breathtaking nature, spectacular wildlife, unique encounters, hands-on exploration, world-class experts, and bespoke events and experiences.”

Silversea - Expedition cruise on a Zodiac

The use of technological and smart devices is becoming more and more popular on cruises, how is Silversea adapting to this demand?

“While the use of technology and smart devices is becoming increasingly important on cruises,  we believe there is no substitute for experiencing these remarkable encounters first hand. In order to enhance these deep travel experiences, Silversea has rolled out complimentary, unlimited Wi-Fi across all its ships for all guests; launched a travel blog to take guests closer to destinations before, during and after their travels; and set up a photography studio aboard Silver Cloud, to enable guests to hone their photography skills as they discover the most beautiful destinations on earth.”

Photographer and penguin - Silversea

What is something everyone should experience on-board a Silversea cruise?

“Your very own butler at your beck and call! Not only will they welcome you to your luxury cruise suite but will present you with a selection of bathroom amenities and offer to unpack your luggage, hang clothing, and set out your personal items. You soon realise that all your needs are being taken care of— sometimes before you even ask!”

A solo cruiser being served by the pool on a Silversea cruise

What is one thing that Silversea simply couldn’t exist without?

“Silversea couldn’t exist without a collective passion for the authentic beauty of the world and a desire to share this passion with guests.”

Penguin colony - Silversea Expedition

If you could pick any Silversea cruise itinerary, which would it be and why?

Antarctica! It’s by far the best way to experience the white continent and see this part of the world to be able to access some of the most remote and mysterious places on earth in complete luxury.”

Emma Smith
Emma has more than six years' experience as a writer and has been in the travel industry for over two years. She loves learning of new places and cruise ships coming to market, as well as discovering fun and exciting activities to do while you sail. She has cruised with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises and is looking to get something in diary for 2021! Her favourite things to see on a ship include excellent entertainment, a delicious cocktail menu and extraordinary dining venues.

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