Santiago, Chile - South America

Port in focus: Santiago

Sandwiched between the snow-capped Andes and rolling green wine country, the Chilean capital is a regular feature on South America itineraries. It’s also a starting or finishing point for a lot of cruises; Buenos Aires to Santiago or vice versa is a popular route, all the more convenient for British cruisers since British Airways started...

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Colourful buildings in tiny Ushuaia cruise port in Argentina

Port in focus: Ushuaia

Ushuaia enjoys the distinction of being the world’s most southerly city. A grid pattern of colourful, low-rise buildings huddled on the Argentinean side of craggy Tierra del Fuego island and sandwiched between snow-capped Martial mountains and the choppy waters of the Beagle Channel, this is the embarkation port for the majority of Antarctica expeditions. It...

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Lush trees and picturesque buildings in Madeira in Portugal
Madeira is an island gem blooming with natural appeal. Nicknamed the Pearl of the Atlantic, this lush, rugged isle sitting more than 350 miles west of Morocco is closer to Africa than to its mother country Portugal. Discovered by Portuguese sailors in the 15th century, it flourished as a trading post, but cruise ships have now...

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Contemporary glass architecture on the waterfront in Copenhagen

Port in focus: Copenhagen

Founded by the warrior-bishop Absalon in 1167, Copenhagen is a city of bridge-spanned canals, copper-roofed buildings and manicured parks that many ships visit on Baltic cruise routes. You'll find so much to do in this delightful city. Nyhaven The maritime heritage of this former Hanseatic port is omnipresent. Indeed the city’s name means ‘Merchants’ Harbour’....

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A portion of the Panama Canal in Central America
With the opening of the Panama Canal in August 1914, the arduous 8,000-mile voyage around Cape Horn that previously took several weeks was reduced to a mere eight hours. The creation of the Panama Canal was far more than an unprecedented feat of engineering; it was a profoundly important historic event. It represented the largest,...

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Singapore's Gardens by the Bay at night

Port in focus: Singapore

Trading ships from as far back as the 12th century have plied Oriental waters but today cruise ships are appearing with increasing regularity on the eastern horizon. Revelling in their cultural diversity, Far East nations share a history of commerce, due to their geographical proximity. Herein lies the magic - for the seas that separate...

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The Venetian skyline bathed in orange light as the sun sets

Port in Focus: Venice

Irrepressibly romantic and impossibly evocative, Venice stands alone as one of those rare destinations that casts a mesmerising spell over all who visit. Centuries of history roll down the maze of canals that flow between the stately squares and grand palazzos that bear testament to a colourful and turbulent history, when this city commanded the...

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Classic cars lining a street of colonial buildings in Havana

Port in focus: Havana

Despite the fact that it must be one of the most photographed places in the Caribbean, nothing can prepare you for the sheer beauty of Havana. Crumbling old buildings in sherbet yellow, burnt orange and brilliant turquoise. A glorious mish-mash of architectural styles, from Moorish to Spanish colonial, baroque and art deco. Those amazing vintage...

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