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China is the world’s oldest continuing civilisation, and as such you can expect the chance to experience a remarkable collection of bustling cities, quaint ports and iconic landmarks during a luxury voyage across this captivating country, each of which have incalculable value to history.

Arriving in the Chinese capital of Beijing, you'll discover many of the nation's most incredible sight within the city and it's surrounding regions. There is of course, the utterly unmissable sight of the Great Wall of China, but there’s so much more besides, including the legendary Forbidden City and Tianenman Square alongside many historic sites offering an insight into the ancienty Ming and Qing dynasties.

China's second city Shanghai is also featured on many luxury China cruises and here visitors will discover a stunning blend of modern marvels and ancient history, where futuristic skyscapers and historic temples stand as testament to China's rich past and bright future.

Elsewhere across China you'll discover the towering glass skyscrapers that define the skyline of timeless harbours like Hong Kong, while villages, towns and ports across the coastlines merge into one another, all surrounded by the remarkable valleys of the Chinese countryside. Another particular highlight of any Chinese voyage is the city of Xian, home to the world-famous Terracotta Warrior - a vast collection of thousand year old sculptures which depict the ancient armies of Qui Shi Huang.

It’s impossible to visit all of China’s incredible sights within one trip, which is why the best cruises to this famous nation offer plenty of time ashore in a variety of exciting ports, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and Dalian, because every destination in China deserves to be explored as much as possible. See what incredible China itineraries are available to book now at and secure your place on-board before it's too late.


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